New Girl

hey im shauna and i just moved to california from ireland, theres 5 hot guys in my school there the populars.......


5. SHM

Shuanas Pov

i was excited for today me and all the boys were going to swedish house mafia, i already saw them in dublin but i wanted to go again because i love them, the guys didnt really know who they are so, i showed them one of their songs greyhound, and they loved it, its an outside concert, i was wearing a pair of cheetah print wellies and band around my chest and an over sized denim jacket that alex owned and a pair of denim high wasited shorts, i had my hair curled and over one of my shoulders, i heard a car beep it was the boys *alex are you ready* i shouted *yep* he said and walked into my room, he was wearing a red tank top and a pair of shorts and converse *those cons are gonna be ruined* i said *no they wont* *well when they do be prepared for a i told you so* i said with a smirk *right come on the guys are outside waiting for us* i said and dragged him out of my room, i had vodka in a water bottle ready for the concert because you arent aloud bring drink into it.i got it and threw it into my bag *what was that* alex asked *vodka* *what are you bringing vodka for* he whisper shouted *so i can drink it obviously, im gonna get locked* i said with a smile *and then leave me to take care of you* he asked *yep* i said popping the p, i heard him sigh and i laughed *hey guys* i said with a smile they had zayns car and harrys, *ill get in zayns and you get in harrys* i said and kissed alex *ok* he said sadly,i got in the car with the boys *do any of yous have a spare drink* i asked *yea why* niall said *so i can mix it* *with what* *vodka* i said with a smile, his eyes widened, *i didnt know your drank* *well now you know and i do* he handed me a bottle of coke *thanks*, i poured half the coke out and filled the other half with vodka, we got to the concert and it was packed, snoop dog and tini tempah came on first then swedish house mafia, i heard greyhound and started dancing around jumping and fist pumping, i has pretty drunk by now, i was dancing with alex haveing a great time, on the way back alex got in the car with me this time, i fell asleep on his shoulder.

Alexs Pov

i thanked the boys and lifted shauna out of the car and up to her room, i layed her down and and slid in beside her, she dug her head into my chest and fell asleep, i looked at her for a while and fell asleep with a smile on my face. i woke up to shauna groaning over her hangover, i laughed at her, *shouldnt have drank all that vodka babe* *shutup* she glared at me, i laughed and walked to my room.

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