New Girl

hey im shauna and i just moved to california from ireland, theres 5 hot guys in my school there the populars.......


6. Scared

Shaunas Pov

i was in my room in a pair of pjs, alex was gone out on a walk with the boys, i didnt go because i was too tired, so i decided i would put on some music, i plugged my phone into my docking station and put on david guettas new song, metropolis and had it on full blast, i had my door opened i heard clanging downstairs, it was near halloween so i was pretty jumpy because ive heard alot of storys about halloween in america, i snuck out my door and crept down the stairs into the kitchen, *hello* i called, fuck i shouldnt have done that girls in horrors that do that always get killed firsti taught to myself, i turned around and someone with a scream costume was standing there, *ahhhhhh alex what the fuck* i screamed he still stood there *alex?* i asked *nope* the stranger replied i knew who it was alex's dad, i saw a glimspe of something shiny, a knife i taught, thats when i turned and ran to the back door, it was locked, i pulled and pushed in panic, i spun around he was running full speed at me, i saw all the screams so i decided to put my foot out and kick him, i felt like i was in a scream movie, my first taught was run to the front door, i ran to it and he was standing in front of it, what the fuck i taught he let out one of his bone chilling laughs i shivered a ran for my room, he grabbed my ankle and i kicked him right in the face, he grunted and fell down the stairs, i ran into my room, i need help, i looked out the window and saw zayn, he was probably going to staceys, i opened the window and started screaming at him, he couldnt hear me he had earphones in, i looked for something to throw at him i saw a book and flung it out the window, it landed infront of him and he saw me *zayn help!!!* i screamed, alex's dad got into my room he kicked the door open, *i have you know you little slut* *zayn!!!* i screamed, alex's dad ran at me i ran over to my bed and jumped over it, he swung at me with the knife and cut my leg *ahhhhh!* i screamed in pain, *im going to kill you slowly so you suffer as much as possible* i wailed in pain *please dont*  i begged he laughed at my attempt to get him to stop *your fucking dead* he screamed, i had one last ounce of energy left in me, i kicked him right in the gut and hobbled to the stairs, zayn burst through the front door *zayn help* i wailed, i heard foot steps behind me *noooo* i sobbed, alexs dad ran at me and stabbed me right in the gut, i looked down at the blood pouring from the cut, i looked at the bottom of the stairs and saw zayn, he was white as a ghost, everything started going fuzzy, i started falling foward, i tumbled down the stairs and thats the last thing i remembered.

Zayns Pov

i was at the bottom of the stairs looking in shock at what i just saw, shauna she was stabbed by some guy in a scream costume, i saw her looking at me with pleading eyes, she fell forward and tumbled down the stairs, tears wore streaming out of my eyes *shauna* i screamed i had shauna in my arms, i looked up and the guy was gone, i rang an ambulance and sat in the back with shauna, they rushed her into the emergency room, i was following them in when a doctor came up to me *sorry you cant be in here* *but shes my best friend i need to be in there with her* *no im sorry you cant* *i dont care what you say* i screamed in his face, two men came and pulled me out into the waiting room, i texted harry -im in the hospital bring all the guys and alex- -what why?! were on our way now- he replied -when you get here ill tell you- i said within about 10 minutes they were all here *what happened* they all asked paniced *s..s...shuana was s..s..stabbed by some man* i said on the verge of tears *what* alex screamed,

a few hours later

a man walked out of a door we were all crying for shauna, stacey came a few hours ago *are you all for shauna parker* he asked, we all shot our heads up *yea* i said you can go in and see her, he lead us to a door, we all poured in, she was awake, alex ran over to her and kissed her, i could see louis glare at them from the corner of my eye, ill ask about that later, *what happened* alex asked *your dad* she said, he got angry and stormed out *ill be back later* he said and walked out *shauna im soo happy your ok* i said and ran over to her, *owwww not to hard* *sorry* after that she got hugs of everyone, we talked for a while, *visiting hours are over* a nurse came in a told us, we all hugged her again and walked out, i was just happy she was ok.

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