New Girl

hey im shauna and i just moved to california from ireland, theres 5 hot guys in my school there the populars.......


1. Moving

Shaunas Pov

i was moving from dublin, from all my friends, from everything ive ever known, and going to california, im an only child and my dad got a better job offer over there, and i had to move, i was packing up my last box *shauna are you okay honey*my mom asked or as i liked to call he ma *no im not you and dad are makein me leave everything that i love to go to california so do you think im alright* i screamed, she looked sad when i screamed at her she looked hurt *ma im sorry i didnt mean to shout at you i just got annoyed* i said *its alright, now come on were leaveing*she said *my friends are bringing me*i said *alright* she siad and with that she walked out, i heard a horn peep and i looked outside i saw jade,sophie, ross and lee in the car, jade owned.i brought my last box downstairs and threw it in the truck, i put my suitcase's in my mam and dad's car and ran up to jades car, we were all laughing and talking about old memories, then we got to the airport and tears started to fill my eyes, *you better not forget us* jade said crying *how could i forgot a pack of nutjobs like all of yous* i said and we all laughed, i was sobbing getting out of the car, we all hugged and gave our last goodbyes, i walked into the airport with my mam and dad, still crying, then i got a text i took my phone out and read it, it was from jade *i havent cried so much in my life :'D im gonna miss you sooooo much no more sleepovers or anything, but dont worry ill be in cali before you know it ;) i love you!! <3* this just made me get even worse, my text back was *you just made me cry even more you bitch, hahaha i love you and you better be in cali before you know it :') LOVE YOU!!!!!<3* we got through security and stuff like that and got onto our plane, i fell asleep and was awoken by my mam *get up were landing in 5* she said to me, i got up and got ready to get off, it was day time here and i have school tomorrow, i dont like being the new girl. the plane landed and we got off, we got a taxi to the house, the taxi pulled up infront of a huge baby blue house, *oh my god* was all i could say *i know its huge isint it* my dad said, and i stepped out and ran into our new house, my mam and dad told me to pick any room, so i instantly picked the biggest room *remember you two told me to pick my own room* i shouted *you picked the biggest one didnt you* my dad yelled *yep* i called happiliy,i got all my stuff into my room, it was already painted my favourite colour, red , and i loved it, i got into a pair of pjs and fell, put my long blonde hair into a messy bun, and fell asleep, i was woke up by my mam comeing in and getting me up, *get up and get dressed for school* she said, i groaned and got up, i put a small bit of makeup on, mascara and lip gloss, and a bit of concelar and walked into my walk in wardrobe and picked out clothes, it was pretty hot to me so i picked out a pair of high wasted shorts that wore denim and a crop top that had, wild spirit writtin on it, and put on a pair of nike hightops, put my hair in a fishtale plait and walked downstairs had breakfast, and got a lift to school from my mam, i took a deep breath and walked out of the car and into school, i walked to the office and got my schedule, the halls were empty except for one guy i saw, he had tanned skin and had spiked hair, it was brown with a streak of blonde, i ran up to him and asked him were room 24 was, and i had english first class, *sorry but do you know were room 24 is*i asked *yea im goin there now, want me to walk you* he said *please* he laughed and we talked, he was from england, and asked were i was from *ireland* i said, *yea i could tell from the accent* he said, he was really nice looking and had nice eyes, mine were a deep sea blue, we locked eyes a few times, i blushed everytime he looked at me.we got to the classroom and he was late, *your late mr.malik, im going to have to give you detention* the teacher said, *he was bringing me here cause i got lost* i chipped in, the teacher looked at me *and who are you*he asked rudely, so i put on the most common accent i could, *im shauna swer* the class laughed and he didnt look to happy, *well class this is our new student shauna* he spoke, they all said hey and i said hey back and the only seat left was next to zayn and his friends, i walked up to the seat and sat down *thanks for saveing me* he said *its ok, didnt want the first person i knew to get dentention over me* i said with a smile, *so whats your next classes*, i gave him my class schedule, and i was in all his classes, we talked and got to know each other more and gave each other our numbers and i met his friends niall who was irish, liam , louis, harry, niall was the only irish one and the rest were english, they were the popular boys, in the school and all the girls adored them, the bell rang and we walked to our next class, i saw this girl, she was pretty and looked like a nice person to talk to, i saw a group of populars walk over and push her, so on basic instinct i ran over, i pulled one girl back and she fell, *get the fuck away from her* i said, there was another girl who tried to hit me, but she hit like a proper girl and tried to slap me, i grabbed her arm and pushed her into another bimbo and the rest ran away, *you ok* i asked her, *why did u do that* she asked puzzled *because i wasnt gonna let them gang up on you* i said with a smile *thanks* she said, i grabbed her hand and asked *what class do you have next* *history* she said, *me too, come on, ohhh whats your name, i forgot to ask* *stacy, are you from ireland* *ohh nice name, and yea im from dublin* i said with a grin, we got into the class and there wore the girls i had just got into a fight with, sitting all around zayn and his friends *rose sit here* zayn screamed there wore two seats beside him so i dragged stacy up with me, *come on* *but im not a popular* *so im not either* one of the girls looked at zayn and said *baby are you friends with her* she said *yea why* *cus shes the girl that hit us all* zayn turned and looked at me *i hit them because they were ganging up on my friend so they got what they diserved* i said they all turned and looked at me *do you want me to take a picture and send it to you* i snapped , they all shot there heads in the other direction, zayn and the boys laughed.

Zayns Pov

she was a really snappy girl but when she said that to tiffany and her clones, i had to laugh, tiffany shot me a dirty look, *zayn i cant believe you laughed at that*she spat *were over* she said *what* i said sadly *not laughing now are you*she said and turned away *zayn your too good for her anyways* shauna said there were tears welling in my eyes and shauna saw them *sir can we go outside for a minute* she said *for what* he asked *we have to get some air* *ok*, she took my hand and led me outside, thats when i broke down, *zayn you dont need her*she said *yea i do* i screamed in her face, she flinched and started to back away from me *oh my god shauna im soooo sorry, i didnt mean it* i grabbed her into a hug *its ok* she said *no it isint i didnt mean to* haha she laughed and it was beautiful * come on* she dragged me into class *were wore you two* the teacher asked *getting air like i said*, she walked up and sat beside stacy and started talking to her, ive never really noticed stacy, shes really pretty, and seems like a nice girl to talk to.

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