New Girl

hey im shauna and i just moved to california from ireland, theres 5 hot guys in my school there the populars.......


4. Introductions


Shaunas Pov

i woke up in alexs strong muscular arms and smiled to myself, i looked up to see his big brown eyes looking down at me *your awake* i said *yea, i woke up and didnt wanna wake you, you looked peaceful and happy* he said with a smile, i was happy, happy to be in his arms, *yea i am happy but we gotta get up for school* i whined *ugh* *i know i hate school, im too lazy too get up in the mornins* i said he laughed and i got up and let him get dressed, it was hot to me here but it was cold to everyone else, so i wore a pair of shorts and a black band, i asked alex if he had and plad shirts, *yea* he said, *can i have a lend of one* i shouted *yea come in and get it*, it was red and black like i hoped it would be *tanks* i shouted and jumped into a hug with him, he didnt have a top on so i couldnt help but drool mentally at his body, *Shauna* he asked and i snapped out of my trance *yea* i stuttered *what were you doing*he asked, i sighed *you have a nice body, i cant help but look, whats a girl supposed to do* i laughed he laughed to and put his shirt on *watchya want for breakie* i asked, he gave me a confused look *breakfast* i sighed *ohhhh* *duhhh numbnuts* i laughed, he tried to pull a serious face but didnt work cause my weird and contageous laugh, we had wetabics for breakfast and walked to school, on the way zayn ran up to us, *hey shaunabooboochild* *hey zaynie* i said, alex went quite *hey alex im zayn* *hey zayn* he said, we all started talking and alex and zayn acctually became friends, we got to school and i saw niall, i linked alex, *hey shauna* *hey niall* *alex im sorry i didnt mean to be mean* *its ok* alex said quietly, like i said he isint the most confident, i had all my classes with alex, and zayn so we all sat together and got in trouble a few times, the bell rang for lunch, we got up and started to walk to the cafeteria, i made alex come sit with us, *guys this is alex* *hey* they all said in unison *alex this is harry, liam and louis* i said with a smile, he smiled at them and said hey back, we sat and had lunch together, we were walking to a class when i heard someone scream alex's name *alex* i heard a gut wrenching roar, it was his dad, *alex come on were going to my house* i grabbed his hand and started running, his father was behind us, but loseing breath as he chased us cause lets just say he wasnt the slimmest person around.we got to my house his father far behind us, i got in a locked the door, i turned around to see alex had tears in his eyes *alex hes not gonna find us* i said as i went over to hug him *its not that shauna.....i dont want him hurting you* he said in between sobs *alex he isint gonna hurt me have you seen these* i said as i flexed my biceps he laughed and so did i.



sorry this is a short chapter kinda tired and dont really have any imagination right now :c

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