New Girl

hey im shauna and i just moved to california from ireland, theres 5 hot guys in my school there the populars.......


10. Helpless

Shaunas Pov

i was walking into the kitchen with my earphones in, not a care in the world, when i felt a whack on the back of my head, i howled in pain and fell over, the last thing i saw was zayn bursting in, and then everything went black, i woke up in a hospital gown panicing, i tried to get up, but felt gentle hands push me back down, i turned around to see zayn, not looking his best, *shauna* he said happily and hugged me *how long have i been here* i asked, he looked down at his feet *2 weeks*, i gasped as my eyes went wide *i havent left your side since* he pitched in, i looked at him and smiled, *what happened* i asked, he got angry and looked at me *alex hit you with a plank in the back of the head, i ran in and hit him in the face a few times, but he pushed me off and ran away* he said as he looked down, i lifted his chin up with my fingers *thanks zayn* he looked happy when i said it to him so i took the chance to kiss him, as we kissed for a second he pulled away, i was hurt when he did but i didnt let him see it *shauna i have a girlfriend* he blurted out *w-w-what* i stuttered on the verge of crying, *shauna im sorry-* i cut him off before he could say the rest *zayn im happy for you, but i just need to be alone for now* i looked the other way as a single tear rolled down my cheek *shauna-* *NO GO!!!* i screamed at him, tears pouring out of my eyes, right before he closed the door he said *shauna im sorry, i didnt mean to hurt you* and left, i sat there for a while with my head in my hands, i heared the door open and saw the boys, but zayn wasnt there, i didnt want them to see me like this, *whats wrong* louis cooed as he ran over to me *z-z-zayn has a girlfriend* *yea so* harry said, louis shoved him and then he caught on, that i liked zayn, why did he get a girlfriend i taught out loud *cause he taught you didnt like him so hes trying to get over you* liam said, right then zayn came in with his girlfriend, he didnt tell me who it was, so when i saw her i wasnt expecting stacy *WHATS SHE DOING HERE* i roared, i was about to jump of the bed a slap her senseless when zayn said *were back together* i felt my heart shatter and im sure everyone heard it, i was on the edge of tears when i looked up and saw that stacey had a big smirk on her face *get out* i barely said in a whisper *but-* i cut zayn off before he could finish *no fuck off out and have fun with your barbie over there.......i hate you i never want to see you again!!!* i screamed crying, i knew that i had hurt zayn but i didnt care he hurt me, as he was walking out i saw tears in his eyes, i feel bad for- no shauna you dont NO i was thinking to myself, when the door closed i burst out into tears, all the boys rushed around to my side *shauna he doesnt know what hes doing just give him time* louis said, louis literally turned into one of my best friends, *guys i dont wanna be mean or anything but can you give me and louis a little time alone* *yea sure, we'll see you later shauna* liam awnsered for harry and niall too *thanks*, i waited till the left to talk to louis *i dont hate zayn im just angry at him cause hes a dickhead*, louis chuckled when i said dickhead *what* i asked confused *i love how your so out straight with everything* *louis i love you* i said and hugged him *shauna i love you too, if you ever need anything im here for you* he said with a smile, a doctor walked in and said i could go, i got dressed and louis dropped me home, i didnt wanna stay by myself tonight *louis will you stay with me tonight* i asked hopeing he would stay, *yea sure*.

Louis Pov

i was hopeing she would ask me to stay so when she did i was exstatic, we walked into her house and she shivered *here your cold* i handed her my jumper and she took it happily, it was huge on her but i liked the way it fit her, i took my phone out *picture?* i asked her she smiled and snuggled next to me, we both smiled for the picture and i took it, i loved it so i put it as my screen saver and lock screen, *weres the heating* i asked her, she pointed to it and i ran over and turned it on full blast, the house heated up quickly, it was only 11pm so we decided to watch a movie, i turned on home alone *i love this film* she squealed *so do i* i said with a laugh, we were watching the movie, we were on oppisite sides of the couch when she crawled up to me and started snuggleing me, she looked up at me and smiled i looked down at her and returned the smile, she was so perfectly beautiful, i wanted to lean down and kiss her but it wasnt the right time for it, i wanted to be with her so bad- no louis stop thinking about, it she doesnt love you she loves zayn, i was so lost in my taughts that i didnt notice she fell asleep, i closed my eyes and went asleep soon after....


hey guys, just wanted to say thanks for reading!!!!! but who should shauna get with louis or zayn??? keep reading thanks love yous!!!!!!! :D

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