New Girl

hey im shauna and i just moved to california from ireland, theres 5 hot guys in my school there the populars.......


7. Dream

Shaunas Pov

i screamed as i woke up, had i just dreamed all of that, wow detailed dream i gave alex a fright as he shot up from his sleep and hugged me *shauna* he screamed, i giggled cause he was so protective *its ok i just had a bad dream* *wanna talk about it* *nah* i said he put his head back down on the pillow and i started to play with his hair with one hand and the other traceing his abs, he smirked knowing that i loved his muscular body, i put my head on his chest and started to feel my eyes falling *i love you* he said, those wore the last words i heard before i fell asleep, i woke up still asleep on alex's chest, i looked up at him and met his beautiful blue eyes, *how long wore you watching me* *about ten minutes* he said i laughed and got up, i put on a black maxi dress and red vans, i curled my hair and let if hang over one shoulder, i put a little makeup on, i walked back into alex, he was still lying in bed, when he saw me his eyes lit up and i could tell the way it looked on me turned him on, *you look amazing* he said, i flashed a cheeky grin at him *thanks* he got up in just a pair of white calvin klein boxers, i couldnt help but stare, he laughed at me checking him out, i blushed and looked away, we were going out with all the boys to the park, just to chill and stuff, my phone started ringing and i saw a picture of jade one of my friends from ireland flash onto the screen, i awnsered and screamed *JADE* *you havent called since you got there* she spoke upset *i know im sorry i have loads to tell you* *right go on* *i have a boyfriend* *WHAT??? WHO IS HE? TAKE A PIC WITH HIM AND SEND IT TO ME!!!!* she roared *alex* i screamed, *yea* his head popped into the door frame *my friend from ireland wants to see how you look* *ok*, he walked in he had a galaxy shirt on, black skinny jeans and black vans *you look hawt* i said in a american accent *your such a bad actress* he said i laughed and took a picture with him, i sent it to jade, *oh my god, if he wasnt your boyfriend i would do things to him* she screamed, alex heard her, laughed and thanked her, even though i couldnt see her i knew she was blushing, *right jade i have to go, going to school with alex and the boys* *the boys?!* she screamed *ill send you a pic later* *you better* she said sternly, i laughed *byeeeee bitch* i screamed *byeeeee slut* she screamed back, right as i hung up, i heard a car horn beep, i looked out the window and saw all the boys in a mini van, i got my bag and slung it over my shoulders.

Alexs Pov

when we got into the car i saw how harry had a twinkle in his eyes when he looked at alex *well arent we looking fancy today* said louis smugly *louis shutup* she said happily, as we drove on a song came on the radio *OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!* shauna screamed *i...i follow i follow you deep sea baby i follow you* she screamed, we all laughed at her as she sang along with the radio, *i havent seen stacey in a while* i spoke through the quietness *i know* shauna pitched in, we got out at school and saw stacey, but she was completely transformed, she had blonde hair and didnt have any glasses, she was with the populars, *oh my god hey zayn* she shouted loud enough for everyone to hear, she ran over and kissed him, *what did you do to yourself* zayn asked *made myself better* *no you didnt you look like one of them* he said and looked at the populars *ughh* she grunted, shuana pitched in *stacey get off your high horse before i knock you and your little followers off it* she spat, stacey gave her a look *shutup you, ugly irish bitch* *what did you say?!* shauna snapped, she was going to attack, *you heard me, why dont you and your freak boyfriend fuck off* stacey said *do you want a slap, cause your going the right way for one* she screamed, i was looking at the ground thinking she was right, i am a freak, shauna saw that i looked hurt, and made a run at stacey, liam grabbed her before she could, *ahhh* stacey screamed, *wait till i get you, im gonna kick your two front teeth down your throat* shauna screamed, stacey looked terrified, i ran up to shauna, *im not really gonna do that just a figure of speech* i laughed at her *alex your not a freak dont listen to stacey, she let the dye get to her head* she said comforting me *she right though shauna* i said sadly *no shes not dont ever say that* shauna screamed, she lifted my chin up and kissed me, infront of everyone, i felt so loved by her. I Love Her So Much

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