New Girl

hey im shauna and i just moved to california from ireland, theres 5 hot guys in my school there the populars.......


2. Drama

Shaunas Pov

it was the last class of school, and the bell rang, i was in a class with amy,zayn,louis and harry, i didnt know were niall or liam was because i didnt know what class they had, i caught zayn looking at stacy a few times, she didnt see it but i did, *ohhhhhh you fancy stacy* i whispered to him, *pfffft psshhht no i dont* *bitch please* i said he laughed and so did i, *ms.burns and mr.malik, please come up here* mr.early said, me and zayn both got up and walked to the front of the class, *now would you be ever so kind to share what you two wore speaking about* the teacher asked, *ummmm* zayn stuttered and scratched the back of his neck, *we were talking about dublin* i blurted out, *and what about dublin were you talking about*, *the junkies in town* i spat, the class laughed and so did i, *and what might i ask you are junkies*, *you know people that do drugs and look like drug addicts, we like to call them junkies*, he told zayn to sit down and made me talk about dublin for the rest of the class and i got the class off homework, when we were walking out of class the class cheered for me and i cheered back, i was walking with stacy, when zayn ran up to us, *hey peps* he said happily *i saved your arse, again* i said with a cheeky grin, *i know i know, and i probably wont ever live it down*he said *your right you wont* i said and laughed, we walked out and the barbies were standing outside in a line, *move* i spat, they didnt, *if you dont move you will get such a slap-* madison, or bitch 1 as i liked to call her cut me off *zayn im sorry, i didnt mean to break up with you i was just mad* i looked over at zayn and saw a twinkle in his eye, *are you trying to get back with me*he asked *yes* she spat *ok* he said, i saw stacy put her head down *ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!* i roared, the all turned to look at me, i grabbed stacys hand and stormed off, zayn was runing after us, *shauna wait up* *WHAT DO YOU WANT* i barked at him, it made him flinch *whats wrong, what did i do* he asked *you got back with that plastic bitch after what you told me* i spat at him, he put his head down in shame *yea thats what i taught you plonker* i said and walked away with stacy, luckily she only lived a few houses infront of mine, so i knew were she lived, i got home and was asked how my day went i replied with a fine, and walked up to my room, i ploped onto my bed and got a text, from zayn *rose im sorry i was just caught in the moment, please just talk to me im sorry*, i didnt know my first day of school would have been so dramatic, so i texted him back, *zayn why would you do that, and after you told me well after i figured out that you liked stacy, you went and got back with HER and she broke you heart...........WTF!!!!!* i sent it feeling pretty good at what ide sent.

Zayns Pov

i got that text off shauna and started to feel bad, she new i liked amy and so did i, but i got back with madison, i texted back *i know i need to break up with madison :/* she replied right back *yea zaynie you do cause i know you dont like her*, she knew how to make me happier already and we just met, i knew this was the start of a great friendship, *comeing out?* i asked her *yea sure, will i ask stacy ;D* *yea!!* i replied a little quick *LOL, desperate much ;D jk, and she said yea ring me when your gettin us <3* *ooooook <3 :)* i replied, and i went and got dressed, it was me and the guys, stacy and shauna going to the park, i texted shauna *be there in a few whats your adress?* *32 oak view* *ok be there in a few* i texted and drove to her house as her and stacy walked out i couldnt help but stare, rose changed and got into another pair of denim shorts, and a galaxy top that was big, but it was the style now a days, her hair was straight and over one of her shoulders, stacy was wearing shorts too, but had a top on that had babe written across it in big black letters and her brown hair was flowing down her back, they both got in *hey zaynie* shauna said and gave me a hug, *hey zayn* stacy said and jumped in the back, we talked on the way there and met up with the boys in the park, they were playing soccer but shauna said i had to call it football, she played but stacy didnt want to so i sat with her, *so whyd you get back with madison* she said with her head down *i dont know i was caught in the moment, i like someone else and i got back with her*i said *well the girl you like must be really lucky* stacy said with her head still down *yea im talking to her right now* *ohhh* she said sadly and started to get up and walk away *stacy the girl i like is you* i said and grabbed her arm and turned her to me our faces inches away *really* she said and looked up into my eyes, she had dark brown eyes like mine and i couldnt stop stareing into them *yea i just never had the guts to tell you cause i didnt think you liked me* i said, she smashed her lips into mine, *sorry you have a girlfriend* she said and looked down *no i dont i broke up with her a while ago* she looked up at me with a big smile plastered on her face.

Nialls Pov

shauna was slagging me cause of my mullingar accent *niall boy pass is the ball yea* she said in a mullingar accent that was great as the boys said, so i slagged her back *yea im shauna im from dublin im tooooo mad* she laughed and scoffed *proud to be a dubliner* she said sticking her tounge out, it was her a louis against me, liam and harry, she was pretty good and doged all of us and scored a goal on harry, she was running around cheering then stopped and saw zayn and stacy kissing *YEOW!!!* she screamed but i dont think they heard her, we all laughed and so did she, louis passed the ball to her and then she started to run, she wast fast and zipped past me and liam and then stopped *ready harry* she said, he looked nervous, she hit the ball and it hit him right where the sun doesnt shine, *oh my god harry im so so sorry!!!!* she ran over to him, he was curled up in a ball on the ground *oh my god i didnt mean to* she said worriedly, me, liam and louis on the other hand were on the ground laughing, *shutup you arseholes* she barked trying not to laugh *ok ok were sorry* i said and went over to harry, he was angry with rose, when he got up he screamed at her *what the fuck did you do that for!!!* she fliched and jumped back *harry* i screamed at him, she ran off and i followed her, she wasnt crying or anything she was just upset, *rose wait* i said and caught up with her, *he hates me, i didnt mean it* she said obviously upset *its the first day im here and already a few people hate me* she said *he doesnt hate you, hes just upset, he'll calm down dont worry*, i pulled her into a hug, we were there for a few minutes and heard harry calling us and she pulled out of the hug and started walking away, harry ran past me and up to shauna, *shauna, its ok i know it was an accident, its all good* he pulled her into a hug and she laughed.

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