New Girl

hey im shauna and i just moved to california from ireland, theres 5 hot guys in my school there the populars.......


3. Alex

Shaunas Pov

i was walking to school with my head phones on, music at full blast, not having a care in the world, i felt a hand on my shoulder and turn me around , it was zayn *ZAYNIE!!!!* i screamed as i jumped on him and gave him a hug *shaunabooboochild* he said , which made me laugh he showed me the video of the little girl hunnybooboochild like 2 days ago and ever since then that was my new nickname, all the people in school knew me cause i was talkative and liked talking to new people making new friends, i saw the death glares i got off the populars, i turned to look at them and they snapped there heads in the other direction, just because they knew i would of said something to them, there was a hot guy at school, he was californian of course and had a nice golden tan brown hair and had muscles and a six pack to add to it, his name was alex and we got along pretty well, i walked up to him after zayn walked over to stacy, *hey alex* i chirped as i saw him at his locker *hey shaun* he smirked, i hit him playfully, *dont call me that* i whined, *but its my nickname for you* *i dont care, ill start callin you alexa if you keep callin me shaun* *ok im alexa and your shaun* *fine*, *shauna* i heard niall scream, i turned around and saw him running up to us, alex wasnt a popular guy but he was still quite hot, none of the populars seemed to notice him and thats what i liked about him, *what are you doing with him* niall spat, alex wasnt the most confident, so he started to walk away *niall what the fuck* *shauna im sorry i didnt-* *no niall save it whats gotten into you* i spat and walked away to alex, i found him in the part of the school that was being done up, *alex dont listen to niall* i said as i sat next to him, he was crying, *shauna you dont know what ive suffered in this school, your the best thing thats happened to me since ive started this school and i dont want to loose you* *trust me alex your never gonna loose me* i said and lifted his chin up and smiled at him, *you wanna skip the next few classes?* i asked *yea* he said and got up, i saw a small bruise on his back, *whats that bruise on your back* *nothing* he said quickly *alex if you dont show me ill rip your top off* i said seriously *shauna please-* *no, now show me* he lifted his top up and reavealed a huge bruise, i taught it was small because i only saw a small bit of it, *oh my god alex what happened* *my dad* he said, i gasped, why would someone to this to him let alone his own father, *why did he do that to you* i said teary eyed *ever since my m-m-mom died* he stuttered trying to hold back his tears *hes blamed me for everything, even her death and im starting to believe him* i jumped on him and sobbed into his shoulder *alex dont ever believe that you know its not true, so dont listen to him, and just know im always here for you, if you ever need anything* he smiled at me and we headed out of the school, we were sitting in starbucks chatting about my friends back in dublin, i could hear someone screaming on the other line and knew it was his dad, alex had a terrified look in his face, he made an excuse and said he had to do something i pretended to believe him, we hugged each other and parted ways, i waited till he couldnt see me to follow him, i followed him to his house and, watched him go in, i looked through his window and saw his dad beating him, i got up and ran into the house not knowing what i was doing i couldnt stop myself i couldnt see alex get hurt like that.

Alex's Pov

my dad was beating me with a wooden stick, heating me repeatedly on the back, i screamed in pain, and fell to the floor, i heard the door burst open and watched shauna run through, wat was she doing here, my father started to walk toward her *nooooo* i screamed, and he grabbed her, she kicked him in the balls and ran over to me *shauna what are you doing* *im sorry alex i could see the fear in your eyes, im not gonna let him do this* she got me up and we ran up to my room and locked the door behind us, she told me to pack my stuff and that i was staying with her *shauna i cant* i said with my head down *alex i dont care what you say, you're staying with me if you like it or not* she said seriously, i didnt have a choice so i packed up all my clothes into a bag and threw it out the window, we climbed down the vines at the side of my house, i heard my father roar and scream and smash up the house, we ran, well shauna ran and i hobbled, she ran back to me and put my arm around her shoulders and her arm under mine, i smiled at how considerate she was, she brought me to her house and it was huge, she talked to her mom and dad about what happened and they said i could stay as long as i wanted, i thanked them of course, *why would you do this for me shaun* i said *because alex i love you, your one of the nicest people ive ever know and i wouldnt want anyone to you* she said with a smile, *shauan i dont know if i could of asked for someone as amazing as you to come into my life* i said, she put her head down a blushed, i lifted her chin up and kissed her softly, she was shocked at first but started to kiss back, she brought me to my room, it was late, it was 10pm, i got into the shower washed myself, got into a pair of boxers and went on my laptop, at about 12, shauna walked in, *i just came to see if you wore awake, i couldnt sleep* i patted the bed beside me and she jumped next to me and snuggled up to me, i felt her hand trace my six pack, i liked the way she did that, she stopped and i turned to look at her, she was asleep on my chest, so i put my arms around her and fell asleep, it was one of the happiest moments in my life.


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