Remember When

18 year old Lavender Smith lost her memory at age 15 from a car accident. On her way to the park one morning she finds a key piece to her old life. She and Liam Payne had been best friends, but after her accident she doesn't remember. But he does. Liam reaches out to help her discover more about her past. But he soon discovers he in for more then he was let in on. Soon they both discover that her past wasn't something to joke about. But will sparks fly in the process? Or will he lose her again?


2. Who are you? 3 YEARS LATER

Liam's POV~

"I just need time to think." I say hanging up the phone.  I loved Dani, really I did.  But not the way she wanted to be loved.  Pretending to love her for the last few weeks was the dumbest thing I evernimal print did.  I just need time.  I grabbed my coat and walked out of my hotel room, only to bump into Harry.  'Hey Liam we are all going out to eat.  And for the first time it's not Nando's!" He said with a smile growing on his face.  I wanted to go, but I needed time on my own.  "Look Harry, I just need time on my own."  I say pushing past him.  "You can talk to me about anything you know." I heard Harry say.  I knew I could so I just turned around and noded in response.

I walked out of the hotel and down to the park.  I just needed time away from everything.  I walked over to the bench next to the pond.  I used to sit here with my best friend Lavender.  Right before the car accident.  I still hated to think about it.  But as I sat down on the park bench I saw something I didn't think I'd ever see again.  And she was walking this way.

Lavender's POV~

As I walked to the bench by the duck pond I looked down at my outfit.  I was wearing a cream colored shirt that said Love Love Love on it with animal print letters.  My jeans were also animal print, and my shoes were brown ugg boots.  My hair was down and had a side braid on the right side.  My hair was much longer now.  But I can't really remember how long it was before.  All I knew was I was in some freak accident and lose most of my memory.  Some things I would see and have a feeling I remembered them, but I didn't know how I knew them.

It's how I felt with the bench by the pond.  It seemed familier, but I don't know how.  As I made my way to the bench I noticed a boy stareing at me.  I felt like I knew him too, but it faded away before I could even think of how I knew him.  I walked over and sat down on the bench even though I was stillgetting stares from the boy.  I turned to him.  "Can I help you?  Your making me uncomfortable." I say looking into those beautiful brown eyes.  I felt as if I knew them, like I've seen them before.

"Lavender?  Is that you?"  He asked  I just stared at him for a minute.  How did he know my name?  Did he follow me?  Did I know him?  "H- how do you know my name?"  I asked getting more and more creeped out.  "You really don't remember do you?"  He asks his voice sounding hurt.  "No.... sorry.  I lost my memory when I was 15 in a car accident."  I say feling bad if I hurt him.  Maybe I should have just pretended.  He took a deep breath.  "I know, I was there." He says looking at the ground.  I heard him mumble somthing, but I couldn't quite make it out.  Something like I could have stopped it.

I looked up at him.  "Can you answer this one question?" I ask.  He looks back over with tears brimming in his eyes.  "Sure.  What is it?"  He asks with a shaky voice.  I take a deep breath. "Who are you?"





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