Remember When

18 year old Lavender Smith lost her memory at age 15 from a car accident. On her way to the park one morning she finds a key piece to her old life. She and Liam Payne had been best friends, but after her accident she doesn't remember. But he does. Liam reaches out to help her discover more about her past. But he soon discovers he in for more then he was let in on. Soon they both discover that her past wasn't something to joke about. But will sparks fly in the process? Or will he lose her again?


6. Trust blowing in the wind... Far Away

*Sorry I haven't been posting!!  But I'm back :)*

Liam's POV~

As we pulled up outside the hotel I began to get nervous.  Not for the reason you may think though, I knew that the boys would love Lavender.  But Harry and Zayn had a habbit on making moves on the girls Niall and I would bring to meet them, and then before we can do anything about it they were in love with the girls we brought.  I don't want that to happen this time.  But if by chance they did make a move on her, I knew she wouldn't let them.

'Babe, we've been sitting here for the past five minutes, are we going in or not?" Lavender asks taking my hand and intwined our fingers.  I haven't noticed that we were just sitting here!  I was to deep in thought.

"Sorry love.  I'm just a bit nervous.  But not for the reason you might be thinking.  I know that the boys will love you.  But some might love you to much."  I respond gently rubbing her knee with my free hand.  She looks over and I see her smile slowly fading away.

'What do you mean?"  She asks.  I could hear it in her voice that she's confused. 

Taking a deep breath, I beguin.  "Sometimes Harry and Zayn try to make a move on the girls we bring home, it happened twice.  It happened to Niall once and me once also.  I'm afraid one of them is gonna try something."  I admit.  I never looked away from her eyes, not once while I said that.  She moved over closer so she was leaning her head on my shoulder.

"If one of them trys something I will tell you, and I promise you I won't let them do it.  You have my word." She says softly.  I smile, I know shes telling the truth. 

I grab her hand and open my door.  She climbs out of the car, and we walk into the hotel hand in hand.

Zayn's POV~

Liam is bringing his long time friend Lavender over today.  I'm gonna lie I'm exited to meet her.  I know that Liam loves her.  All last night before he went to sleep he was talking about her.  I'm snapped out of my thoughts by the door opening.  Liam and this beautiful girl walk in.  And when I say beautiful I mean it.  Liam's one lucky guy.  I get up and walk over to Liam.

"Hey man.  Nice catch you got here." I say pulling him in for a bro hug.  I look over and see Lavender blush.  I can't help but pull a slight smirk.

'Thanks man, and you got a nice one too.  Perrie." Liam says with a hint of annoyence in his voice.  Aw man!  I forgot all about Perrie!  We haven't talked in ages, and to be honest I moved on a while ago.  Next I walk over to Lavender.

"Hey lovely.  I'm Zayn."  I say pulling her in for a hug.  Yeah, we are all big huggers. 

'I know, and Hi.  Nice to meet you." She says once we pull away. 

I really want to get to know her more, but shes Liam's girl.  Not mine.  Not yet.

Lavender's POV~

After an hour I feel like I've known these boys my whole lives.  Harry is the flirty and cheeky one.  Niall is very sweet, and very hungry.  Zayn is.. well.. I don't really know.  He keeps sneaking looks at me when Liam isn't looking.  I feel like I have to watch out for him more then Harry.  And Louis is the loud, funny one.  "I have to pee." I say.  But nobody heard me.  "I have to pee!"  I say a little louder, but nobody answered me this time either. 

I have to take this to the extreme.  I stand and walk to the center of the living room.  "I HAVE TO PEE!!!" I yell loudly.  Every one in the room gets quite and stares at me.  "You didn't have to shout love."  Harry says, uncovering his ears.  "None of you heard me the first TWO times I said it."  I say looking Harry dead in the eyes. 

'The bathroom is down that hallway, first door on your left." Niall says, pointing out the way.  'Thanks Ni!" I say as I run to the bathroom.  Once I finiish up in the bathroom I open the door to find Zayn standing there.  'Hey, I was just about to leave.  So you don't have to wait anymore." I say trying to get around him.  But he blocks the way.

'Where are you going love?" He whispers.  "Ummm, back to the living room."  I say sotfly.  Then before I can even blink I feel Zayn's lips press onto mine softly.  I try to push him away but he's too strong.  I have no choice.  I pull away and start to scream.

Liams POV~

I hear a scream.  Lavenders scream.  Then I realize Zayn isn't in the room with us.  I run to the bathroom and find Lavender pushing Zayn away with tears falling from her cheeks.

I pull her into a hug and push Zayn away.  "Shhhh... Baby girl its ok.  What happened?" I ask softly, wiping the tears away gently with my thumbs. 

She takes a minute to calm down.  "I was trying to leave the bathroom a-and Zayn pushed m-me back a-and kissed m-me.  I couldn't push him away so I had to scream so you would hear me." She says inbetween sobs. 

Anger boils inside of me.  I always thought it would be Harry, not Zayn.  But I was wrong.  Way wrong.  'Let's go back to your place, I can't stand to be hear anymore.  I can't stand him." I say leading her out of the bathroom and into the living room.  We just grab the car keys and her purse, and walk out.

The whole car ride was quite.  Lavender just looking out the window, and me thinking of ways to get back at Zayn.  Was killing him an option?  No? To bad.  I'll get him, when he least expects it.  But for now, I have to help my baby. 

I lost a brother, and I wasn't planing on trying to get him back.  It's done.  I lost all trust I had in Zayn.  Now it's just blowing in the wind somewhere.. far away.

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