Remember When

18 year old Lavender Smith lost her memory at age 15 from a car accident. On her way to the park one morning she finds a key piece to her old life. She and Liam Payne had been best friends, but after her accident she doesn't remember. But he does. Liam reaches out to help her discover more about her past. But he soon discovers he in for more then he was let in on. Soon they both discover that her past wasn't something to joke about. But will sparks fly in the process? Or will he lose her again?


5. Taking things to fast?? Nah!

Liam's POV~

I wake up thinking of yesterday.  Lavender, is my girlfriend.  I've never been happier!  I egt up and walked into the Niall's hotel room, and find the rest of the boys there as well.  "Hey mate!  I never thought you'd get up!"  Niall says from the couch, entertained with the tv.  And for once, not food.  I walk over and sit next to Zayn and Louis.  "What's with the creepy smile mate?"  Zayn asked, looking between me and the tv.  I hadn't even noticed I was smiling.  "Ummm.... Happy that Niall is entertained with the tv instead of food." I stumbled, looking for exuse.  I didn't want them to know yet, but to late now.

"Hey! I don't always eat!"  Niall yells, throwing a pillow at me.  I duck just in time and the pillow hits and table behind me.  I laugh and turn my attention to the tv.  I feel someones breathing on my  ear.  "You have a secret, and I will find out." I look over and see Louis smiling evily.  I put my head in my hands and blush slightly.  When I look up I see Harry whispering something to Niall and then sitting next to me.  "If your blushing it's a girl, isn't it Liam?"  Harry says while trying to hide a smirk.  He fails miserably. 

'Ok, yes it has to do with a girl."  I admit half smiling.  All of the boys look at me,and say at the same time "Let us!"  I laughed and start telling them about Lavender.  When I finish they are all silent.  "Don't you think you are rushing things?  Think about it, you lost her for three years and you just found her yesterday." Niall says, breaking the short silence.  I didn't think about that at all, but I wanted her to be mine for as long as I can remember.  I don't think I'm rushing anything, and if I was, she would have said something.

"If I was, don't you think she would have said something?" I ask, looking at all the boys.  "You got a point.  Unless she just got caught up in the moment."  Zayn responds, reaching phone thats sitting on the coffee table.  I sure hope that wasn't true.  "Well I personally want to meet this Lavender girl, to give her my seal of approval."  Louis says, looking at me.  'I could invite her over if you want." I reply, looking at all the boys.  "I wanna meet her too."  Harry says, while engaging in a thumb war with Louis.  "Me too!" Niall says, getting up from the couch and walking into the kitchen.

Typical Niall.  I nod and look over at Zayn.  'Sure why not."  He says, looking down at his phone.  I get up and walking into my room.  Grabbing my phone I send her a quick message asking her if its ok.  I hope she says yes.

Lavenders POV~

Opening my eyes, I see sunlight streaming through my blinds, forceing them closed again. I pinch myself to make sure what happened with Liam wasn't just a dream.  But it wasn't.  Sitting up in my bed I see my Iphone screen light up with a text message.  Grabbing it, my heart skips a beat.  It's from Liam.  Clicking on the screen, I see a text message asking if I want to meet the boys today.  I'm not really good at meeting new people, I get really shy.  But I text him back saying that I would love to and that he could pick me up in an hour.  As I wait for his responce I think about ways to try not to be so shy, and the only on I think of: Just talk like you would to your friends.

My screen lights up again, and Liam said that an hour would be perfect.  I smile and walking into the bathroom to shower.  After about 15 minutes I walk out and blow dry my wet hair.  Walking into my closet after I dry my hair, I pick out my outfit.  My black, white, and blue come at me bro T shirt.  Dark wash shorts, and white flip flops.  I also add a black panther necklace.  I walk over to my makeup desk and put a little grey eyeshadow, maskara, and a little eyeliner.  I pull my long hair into a ponytail, and tie a blue ribbon onto the ponytail holder.

I smile at my reflection and walk downstairs into the kitchen to find my mom putting pancakes on the plates.  "Hey mom." I say sitting down at the table.  "Hey honey, so what are your plans for today?"  She asks, flipping more panckaes.  "Going with Liam to meet his friends, and after that I have no idea."  I say, putting a forkful of pancake in my mouth.  My mom turns around and slowly asks "Do you think you guys are taking this to fast? I mean you just found eachother yesterday."  I look up at her, I never really thought about that.

"We both love eachother, so I don;t think so." I respond, finshing my pancakes.  She half smiles and turns back around.  Then I hear the doorbell ring and walk over to the door.  Taking a deep breath a open the door.  "Hey babe." He smiles, kissing me on the cheek.  He looks for amazing without even trying.  Today he's wearing a blue plad shirt, darkwash jeans, and white converse.  "Hey.  Lets get of the house before my mom attacks you with more hugs." I say, grabbing onto Liam's hand and leading him to his car.  I hear in chuckle behind me and I laugh too. 

Once we start our drive a question pops into my mind.  'Liam, are we taking this to fast?" I ask, looking at him.  'Why do you ask?"  He asks, turning to look at me.  'Well my mom asked me that this morning, and I never really thought about it until now.  We lost eachother for three years, and just found eachother yesterday." I say, slowly.  "The boys told me the same thing today.  I think that if we love eachother, then we're not.  If two people really love eachother, then theres no such thing as taking things to fast." He responds, letting one hand fall off the steering wheel and taking it my own,  "Thats what I think, and why should it matter to them anyway? Its our relationship, not their's."  I say.

"Your right." He says smiling at me.  "I love you."  I say, truly meaning it.  "I love you too." He says kissing my cheek quickly. 


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