Remember When

18 year old Lavender Smith lost her memory at age 15 from a car accident. On her way to the park one morning she finds a key piece to her old life. She and Liam Payne had been best friends, but after her accident she doesn't remember. But he does. Liam reaches out to help her discover more about her past. But he soon discovers he in for more then he was let in on. Soon they both discover that her past wasn't something to joke about. But will sparks fly in the process? Or will he lose her again?


3. I loved you, and I never stopped loving you

Liam's POV~

She doesn't remember.  It took all I had not to cry right then and there.  I had to get her to remember, but how?  "Do you want me to explain?" I ask blinking back the tears.  "Please.  I feel like I know you, but I don't know HOW I know you." She says with a sad expression.  I take a deep breath.  "I met you in elementry school, when I was playng football with my friends.  I kicked the ball harder then I ment to, and it flew over and landed next to you.  You brought it back, and you know how kids are.  They just play with other random kids, and thats what you did.  You just started playing with me and my friends, everyday.

We became best friends, we did everything together.  But one day we were walking to this park, walking to this bench.  We always came here, we would just sit and talk about anything and everything.  But when we were walking home that day... I kissed you.  I've always had a crush on you, so I kissed you.  And after that I heard screeching tires, and before I knew it the car hit you.  I called an ambulance and everything, and I stayed with you the whole time.  I still feel like it's my fault, I could have pushed you out of the way but I was like frozen."  Thats all I could say before letting a few tears fall.

I felt her wrap her arm around me, I thought that would never happen again.  "It wasn't your fault.  I know you want to blame yourself, but don't." She whispered in my ear.  But I still did.

Lavender's POV~

After hearing this boy's story, I'm starting to remember him.  Slowly, but I'm remembering!  This is the first thing I've remembered since the accident.  "Do you at least rememeber my name?" He says softly.  I think for a moment.,, Liam... yes!  Liam! His name is Liam!  "Is it Liam?' I say smiling, even though he couldn't see it.  His head snapped up, I hope he didn't hurt his neck.  "Yeah..... yeah it is!" He responds. 

Before I knew it I was lifted into the air and spun around by Liam.  I was laughing the entire time.  When he put me down he just looked at me, but he seemed distant.  "You alright there?" I asked smirking.  "Does this answer your question?"  I felt his lips press gently to mine.  I wrap my arms around his neck and I felt his arms on my waist, deepening the kiss.  We had to pull away for air though.

'I loved you, and I never stopped loving you.  I want you to know that." He whispers.  "Me too Liam.  You don't know how long I've waited to here that." I say blushing a little.  "And you don't know how long I've been waiting to say it."  He says smiling.  I grabbed his hand and led him out of the park and down the street.  "Where are we going?" I hear him ask.  I giggle a little and say ''My house."


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