Stop the Tape and Rewind

Arianna (Ari) is a small town girl with a big secret. She is 18 and her mother died and father beat her, so she moved to the UK with her aunt and best friend Kati hoping for a new start. Then she meets five hot guys in a band called One Direction and three guys Niall, Harry and Liam have a crush on her and she doesn't know who to love. This is my first Movella so no hate:)


7. Secrets

Niall's P.O.V

I have been wondering about Arianna's past like her parents and why she moved from the United States to the United Kingdom. Kati, Arianna and Eleanor came home like 20 minutes ago, but no sign of Zayn. "Niall I'm going to go to bed." Ari said. "I guess I will to, then." I said.  "Wait, before you go to bed, I would really like to know who your parents are and learn like your life before you came to the United Kingdom." I said. "Um, nothing." Arianna shut off the lights and we went to bed.

Harry's P.O.V

I was sitting on the couch watching football (Soccer) while eating cereal when Zayn walked in. "Hey Zayn how are-" I didn't even get to finish my sentance. "Nothing happened. i'm going to bed, so move." Zayn said. 

"Off the couch?" I said.

"Yes off the couch dumbass."

"Okay you don't have to get so mad, but why aren't you sleeping in your bed with Kati?"

 "I don't want to talk about it." Okay. Zayn's acting weird.

I rolled of the couch onto the floor and walked up the stairs into my room. i wish i could sleep with Arianna but I have a stupid twin size bed and Niall and Zayn are the only ones with king size beds. I shut the light off, plopped down on my bed and fell asleep.

Arianna's P.O.V

  I just noticed how cute Niall is. Oh shit. No, I like Harry. "Arianna, how are you still up?" Niall asked.

"Um... how are you still up?" i responded. Niall giggled.

"I asked you first!"

"It's three in the morning!" I said.

"Can I ask you one question?"


"Why did you move to the U.K?"

I sighed. "You have to promise not to tell."


"When I was about thirteen, my mum died. My dad took me and he really loved my mom so about a year later, my dad started taking his anger out on me and he would throw me against the wall threaten me with a knife in his hand and-and call me nasty names, hit me with a bat and my dad was put on a bunch of news shows and everyone would crowd me like i was Lady GaGa or something and in highschool people made fun of me because I had no parnets. My dad is in jail now and doens't know that i'm here."

"Arianna, i'm sorry."

A tear came down my eye. "You lisened, you asked, Harry never did this to me. I thought you would be like the others back in america."

Niall sat up and put his arms out waiting for me to hug him. I sat up and came forward and hugged him. "Thank you Niall." We let go and I stared into his sky blue eyes. he stared at my green eyes and he put his hands on my shoulders and I did the same. We sat there for a moment and then he came closer. "Arianna, I will always listen." We pressed our lips together and kissed.  *SEX SCENE*He took off my shirt off and I did the same. He pulled at my bra, and uncliped it. I pulled his pants down and he pulled mine down. i wasnt even thinking about Harry. We kissed and did some things that I don't want to describe. Niall was kissing my chest when I checked the time. 4:02. "Niall, we should go to bed, and don't tell anyone we did  this. Not even Harry."

"Okay. Goodnight Arianna."


"Niall, are you up?"

"Now I am."

"Okay but I have one more thing to tell you." I told him about Zayn and Perrie."So don't be supprized if Zayns a little mean."


I got out of bed and Niall still layed there trying to go back to sleep. It's 8:10 how isn't everyone up? I walked over to my suitcase and got a pair of high waist jean shorts  with a white tee-shirt that said "Nandos!!" In black writing and tucked the shirt in my shorts. Kati sleped in Zayn's bed while Zayn sleped on the couch. Wouldn't Kati be on the couch? It's Zayn's bed... Eh. Yolo. I walked down the stairs and got a pan and cooked scrambled eggs for everyone. "BREAKFAST IS READY!" No one came but Niall. I served him and put the pan down and walked up the stairs to find everyone. Harry wasn't in his room, nor Liam, Louis or Kati. I looked at the couch and Zayn wasn't even on it. Where did everyone go? I walked over to the kitchen by Niall. "Niall, do you know where everyone is?"

"Sleeping in their rooms."

"Their not there and Zayn's not on the couch." Niall dropped his fork. "Did you look everywhere?"

"Yes I can't find them."

"Try calling them."

I dialled all their numbers. "All of their phones are off except Zayn's Because it's right here."

I looked at my phone again. ONE NEW TEXT MESSAGE. Help needs to come or the killer will run.  from Zayn. "Wait, Zayn's phone is right  here." I picked up the phone and noticed it was a peice of card board shaped and painted to look just like Zayn's phone. "What does Zayn mean by the killer will run? Who got killed?" Niall asked. "I think they mean who killed my mom, which no one knows the answer."










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