Stop the Tape and Rewind

Arianna (Ari) is a small town girl with a big secret. She is 18 and her mother died and father beat her, so she moved to the UK with her aunt and best friend Kati hoping for a new start. Then she meets five hot guys in a band called One Direction and three guys Niall, Harry and Liam have a crush on her and she doesn't know who to love. This is my first Movella so no hate:)


4. Poor Niall

Arianna's P.O.V

"Um, hi Niall." I said 'Hi Niall." Harry said "So......." I said.

"I guess i'm being kicked out of my own room." Niall said and walked out of the room. I felt really bad for Niall, but its not like its the end of the world if me and Harry are dating.

Niall's P.O.V

So Arianna is dating Harry now, and I just walked in on them making out in MY room! Wow. I herd footsteps running behind me so I turned aroud to see Arianna right behind me. "Wait, Niall I am so sorry for what ever your mad at, but why are you mad?" Harry stayed in my room, which was pretty stupied of him. "I don't think you guys should just lay in MY bed in MY room making out. Thats why i'm so pissed." Arianna just stood there not saying a word. "I'm sorry Niall." She wiped a tear from her eye and walked back in my room, now our room, and probably kicked Harry out because he walked out of the room. So Arianna and I share a king size bed together, which I really don't think that will work out. She is probably going to go with Harry in his room.

Harry's P.O.V

I  left Arianna's room when she told me to and I was silent after that. Ari just sat on her and Niall's bed looking down at the floor. I'm suprized Liam, Zayn, Louis and Kati didn't come back yet.

 Liam's P.O.V

kati is really nice and her and Zayn make a great couple i'm just sad that Arianna, Harry and Niall couldn't make it. I know Kati pretty well now i just need to talk to Arianna. I bet she doesn't even know my name yet. Hmmmmmm "Liam, your like falling a sleep wake up!" Louis said. "Who is going to pay for the food?" Zayn asked. "I will." Kati offered. "Kati, we can pay the-" "OH MY GOSH ONE DIRECTION IS STANDING LIKE RIGHT NEXT TO ME!!!!!! BUT WHO IS THE GIRl?" Crap. Fans are here. "Guys, quickly sign your name on the bill and run to our car."  We all ran to the car and drove home.


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