Stop the Tape and Rewind

Arianna (Ari) is a small town girl with a big secret. She is 18 and her mother died and father beat her, so she moved to the UK with her aunt and best friend Kati hoping for a new start. Then she meets five hot guys in a band called One Direction and three guys Niall, Harry and Liam have a crush on her and she doesn't know who to love. This is my first Movella so no hate:)


5. Getting Ready

Arianna's P.O.V

Me and the boys all know each other pretty well now, like we're best friends. "Arianna!" Someone yelled. I ran out of me and Niall's room to see who it was. Kati. "Yeah?" I said.

"Today we get to go meet Louis' girlfriend, Eleanor Calder! and were going to a really fancy restrant! Oh Louis wanted only me, you and Eleanor to be there."                              "When?"                                                                                                               "Can you two shut up i'm trying to sleep!" Niall screamed. 

 "Okay Niall! Kati, lets go talk in the kitchen." I said.

"Well I ment were meeting her at 11:00 at the latest, so you might want to get ready." I sprinted into me and Niall's room to find an outfit. "Bring formal clothes!" Kati yelled. I glanced at my dresses, and picked a tight, short, pink strapless dress that had a white sparkly belt. Niall couldn't go back to sleep, so he grabed a bag of chips and watched tv in our room. I didn't want to change right in front of Niall, so I ran into the bathroom and sliped on the dress, curled my long blonde hair and put on black mascara and smokey black eyeshadow. I ran back into me and Niall's room and put on a pair of white high heels "Wow. You look amazing." I quickly turned around and Niall was standing there just staring at me. "Um, thanks." I looked at the clock and it was already 10:40 I ran down stairs to find Kati in a navy blue v neck long dress, with a black belt and black high heels. Her autumn brown curly hair pulled in a tight bun. "Okay, were going to the restrant in my car and meeting Eleanor at what ever table she's at, and we have to go, like now."

Eleanor's P.O.V

"Table for three, please." I knew that Kati and Zayn were dating and Arianna and Harry were dating. its just I have never even met Arianna or Kati and they lived in the same house as my boyfriend. Is that Zayn? I think thats Zayn and Kati kissing but why wouldn't she have came to me? "Zayn, is that you?" They both looked at me, a blonde girl and Zayn. Then two girls in beatiful dresses came running as fast as they could with four inch heels on. "Hi are you Eleanor Calder?" The one with blonde curly hair said. "Yes." I said

"I'm Arianna."  

"And I'm Kati." If Kati is right next to me....who is with Zayn?



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