Stop the Tape and Rewind

Arianna (Ari) is a small town girl with a big secret. She is 18 and her mother died and father beat her, so she moved to the UK with her aunt and best friend Kati hoping for a new start. Then she meets five hot guys in a band called One Direction and three guys Niall, Harry and Liam have a crush on her and she doesn't know who to love. This is my first Movella so no hate:)


2. Coma

Niall's P.O.V


Arianna is really pretty, but I always see her glancing at Harry, which makes me mad. Even though I just met her, I think I love her.

Kati's P.O.V


"What happened? And why are they here?" Ari said pointing at One Direction.  "You fell asleep while driving, then you drove through a red light, causing them to hit us. That was pretty stupied of you." I said. "You know, you could have took the stearing wheel or woke me up because you were sitting right next to me!" Ari snapped back. "Anyways, you were in a coma for six weeks and in that time, I let them stay with us because they really felt bad for hitting us, but we actually hit them... anyways, they wanted to be here if you woke up from your coma, which you did, so here they are. At the time, me and Zayn started dating." I got up from the chair I was sitting on and pecked Zayn on the check and held his hand. "So are any of you guys single?" Ari said. "Wow, you met like twenty minutes ago and your already flirting." I said. "Yes!" Niall said right away. Weird. "Yes." Harry said "Me and Eleanor Calder are dating." Louis said proudly. "No." Zayn said. "I never knew that!" Liam said. I giggled. "Oh and i'm single." Liam said. Niall said, "Can we stay at your flat?" "Don't you have one?" I said. "Of course you can!" I said.

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