Finally Wide Awake (Harry Styles)

Harry Styles Always Had A Busy Schedule , Always Tired After A Long Day At Popstar Life, Everyday After His Long Days He Was Glad To Go To Bed , But He Hardly Got Some Rest All Because Of The Mysterious Girl That Appeared In His Dreams Standing In Front Of A Grave With Tears Streaming Down Her Face He Tried Helping Her .
Kayla Was In Love She Was Sure Her Boyfriend Was The One , Her And Her Boyfriend Jason had A Special Relationship That No One Can Break Apart. But One Stormy Night when Jason Was Coming Back From A Party With His Friends , The Driver Was Wasted He And The Other 3 Boys Got Into A Car Crash & Sadly All 4 Boys Passed Away , When Kayla She Never Got Over The Fact That Her Boyfriend/Bestfriend/Lover Was Dead , She Needed To Find A New Love
When Her And Harry Meet He Relized She Was The Mysterious Girl, Is Harry Able To Help Her Move On From Her Lost ?! Will Kayla Love Again ?!


4. Some Fresh Air

I getting sick and tired of being looked in my room doing nothing, some how this morning a woke up feeling a little okay not so much but yeah I was in the mood to do some shopping I needed some new clothes. i went down stairs and saw my mom and dad and my big brother having a nice breakfast smilng and laughing

"Sweetie your up" my dad with shining eyes "Uh yeah I woke up a little hungry and I was going through my closet and I relized I need some new clothes, Mom can you take me shopping today? And besides I need some fresh air" I said giving them a fake smile "Sure sweetie how about you sit down and I make you something to eat and then you can shower and get ready and we head out deal?'' she said giving me a kiss in the cheek and a hug "Sounds good mom" i said heading to the table, my brother got up from his seat and gave me a hug and pulled my chair so I could sit down "So baby sis me and Jane would thinking of taking the kids to Disney land over the summer, wondering if you wanted to go?" My brother asked me, I wasnt sure if I wanted to go I really didnt want to but I guess it would be good for me catch up with My niece and nephew and my sister in law "Uh yeah sure" I said "Great" he said with a smile I loved to see, my brother always had a smile that made me smile, I couldnt help it I smiled and this time it wasnt a fake smile

"Honey Your birthday is coming up, what would you like" my dad asked, My Boyfriend Back, thats what I wanted to say to my father but i didnt bother, "Ummm Anything would be fine'' I said, my mom came back with a plate for me I looked down at my breakfast and started eating it was silent for a moment "Kayla I know it isnt easy for yo..." "Please no I dont want to talk about please Greg just dont mention anything about Jason please'' I interupted him, I could Feel a knot forming on my throat tears getting ready to burst, I really Missed Jason but I didnt want to talk about it. "Very well then, but when you are ready to talk about it then you have me and Jane'' Greg said "And me" Dad said after Greg "And me too honey" Mom said after dad. "Yeah, Yeah thanks" I said not even bothering to finish my breakfast "Im going to shower and get ready" I looked at my mom and quickly got up the table and ran down stairs

After a few minutes I Was all set and ready and Mom was waiting for me, we headed of down town , I hope this helps me get things out of my mind. 

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