Finally Wide Awake (Harry Styles)

Harry Styles Always Had A Busy Schedule , Always Tired After A Long Day At Popstar Life, Everyday After His Long Days He Was Glad To Go To Bed , But He Hardly Got Some Rest All Because Of The Mysterious Girl That Appeared In His Dreams Standing In Front Of A Grave With Tears Streaming Down Her Face He Tried Helping Her .
Kayla Was In Love She Was Sure Her Boyfriend Was The One , Her And Her Boyfriend Jason had A Special Relationship That No One Can Break Apart. But One Stormy Night when Jason Was Coming Back From A Party With His Friends , The Driver Was Wasted He And The Other 3 Boys Got Into A Car Crash & Sadly All 4 Boys Passed Away , When Kayla She Never Got Over The Fact That Her Boyfriend/Bestfriend/Lover Was Dead , She Needed To Find A New Love
When Her And Harry Meet He Relized She Was The Mysterious Girl, Is Harry Able To Help Her Move On From Her Lost ?! Will Kayla Love Again ?!


2. Nothing But Tears

I couldnt move from bed , its not that I couldnt just choose not to I mean I was in pain , I was dead in the inside , I felt alone so lost , so many questions running in my mind , having a playljst with all the songs he loved , I loved , dedicted to me , dedicated to him. His picture in my arms , flashbacks , memories , his smile his eyes , the pictures I took of him and me , the video I made of us , the videos we recorded , the letters , the gifts , the stuffed animals , are check list , everything me ans him did together just there all there , I miss him , he was the one I wanted to marry the one I love , he was my boyfriend , my bestfriend , my partner in crime , my lover , my life , my world , my heart , my everything , but now , now he is gone! My one and only was gone , out of my life.
I hate when people tell me to forget about him to move on but honestly I dont think I can fall in love with someone like I love Jason , Only he inderstood me he made me feel so special , so didfeent I cant move one he's the one I love.
"Sweetie?!" My mom knocked on the door "yeah?" I said as she slowly open the door and took a peak and the walking in looking upset "*Sigh* Honey?" She said sitting next to me, tears running down my face as I layed in the bed to one side hugging the picture of Jason "You need to get some fresh air sweetie, I hate seeing you hurt and crying" she said with a very sad pout
"No" I said not even looking at her
"Sweetie its about to be a year since Jason Passed Are you goimg to lay there and cry for the rest of your life ?!" She Said rubbing my back
"We would of Made 1 year and 11 Months today" I said still looking at nothing crying tears wouldnt stop I hated the fact that he was gone & Not There waking me up with a letter and dozeb of roses staring at me till I awake up and kiss me gentley and tell me he loved me and howbhappy he is he found me , I layed there listen to music when the song I Miss You By 1st Lady Came out I Bursted In Tearsvand even harder , I felt my mom crying with me.....
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