Finally Wide Awake (Harry Styles)

Harry Styles Always Had A Busy Schedule , Always Tired After A Long Day At Popstar Life, Everyday After His Long Days He Was Glad To Go To Bed , But He Hardly Got Some Rest All Because Of The Mysterious Girl That Appeared In His Dreams Standing In Front Of A Grave With Tears Streaming Down Her Face He Tried Helping Her .
Kayla Was In Love She Was Sure Her Boyfriend Was The One , Her And Her Boyfriend Jason had A Special Relationship That No One Can Break Apart. But One Stormy Night when Jason Was Coming Back From A Party With His Friends , The Driver Was Wasted He And The Other 3 Boys Got Into A Car Crash & Sadly All 4 Boys Passed Away , When Kayla She Never Got Over The Fact That Her Boyfriend/Bestfriend/Lover Was Dead , She Needed To Find A New Love
When Her And Harry Meet He Relized She Was The Mysterious Girl, Is Harry Able To Help Her Move On From Her Lost ?! Will Kayla Love Again ?!


5. Looking Around

*Harry's POV*

The boys and I went from store to store at the mall .
I bought a few things .
I was really frustrated , the fact that I didnt sleep because of that dream that haunts me .
All I could think about was the girl , who was she , did she exist ? Or was it just the dreams .
"Awh Harry Lad cheer up!" Liam said , as he patted my back .
"Im just a bit tired" I said as I gained my focus .
"Some shopping would do" Zayn said , as he walked in a store we all fallowed .
I was looking around , and the strong smell of colone made me a little light headed and a bit awake .
I was just walking not really paying attention where I was going .
I was just looking around .
When I was about to make a turn , came across from a girl .
The girl looked tired sad , like she's been trapped .
She also looked fimiliar .
"I...Erm...Im Sorry...Erm..." She said as she walked around me .
Before she walked away I turned around .
"Erm...Do I know you from some where?" I asked as I looked at her trying to figure out where have I seen her .
"Uh No" she said as she walked towards a lady who my guess was her mum .
I kept my focus on her for a while .
"Maybe its just me" I said to my self .
I closed my eyes and took a deep breath .
But while I had my eyes closed a flashback of my dreams came back .
The girl , She's the girl thats been in my dreams .
I quickly looked around for Louis .
But I came across Liam .
"Liam! The girl! She's here!" I said , I was really scared at some point .
"Woah Harry relax man , what girl?" He asked trying to calm me down .
"Whats going on?" Louis said as him , Zayn , and Niall came up to me and Liam .
"The girl , the one in my dreams! She's in this store!" I said I walked back to the section I saw her , luckly she was still there .
"Harry Mate" Liam said as him and the boys came up to me .
"There , thats the girl , the one with a black sweater" I said trying not to point .
"Erm...You sure?" Louis asked .
"Yes thats her!" I said , I was a bit freaked out .
I might have sound a bit crazy , but it was the girl .
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