Finally Wide Awake (Harry Styles)

Harry Styles Always Had A Busy Schedule , Always Tired After A Long Day At Popstar Life, Everyday After His Long Days He Was Glad To Go To Bed , But He Hardly Got Some Rest All Because Of The Mysterious Girl That Appeared In His Dreams Standing In Front Of A Grave With Tears Streaming Down Her Face He Tried Helping Her .
Kayla Was In Love She Was Sure Her Boyfriend Was The One , Her And Her Boyfriend Jason had A Special Relationship That No One Can Break Apart. But One Stormy Night when Jason Was Coming Back From A Party With His Friends , The Driver Was Wasted He And The Other 3 Boys Got Into A Car Crash & Sadly All 4 Boys Passed Away , When Kayla She Never Got Over The Fact That Her Boyfriend/Bestfriend/Lover Was Dead , She Needed To Find A New Love
When Her And Harry Meet He Relized She Was The Mysterious Girl, Is Harry Able To Help Her Move On From Her Lost ?! Will Kayla Love Again ?!


3. Early In The Morning

I seriously was tired of those dreams , I kept having those for a while now
"How You feeling buddy ?!" Zayn asked
"Tired!" I said looking a little frustrated
"Well be glad you can get some rest, we have 3 days of you can rest" Liam said
"What are you guys doing today?!" Paul asked
"Well I wanted to go shopping today" Zayn said
"That Would Be Nice" Louis Said
"Well Lets go shopping then" Liam said
"As Long As We get some food" Niall
"Harry You Want To Join Us?" Louis asked
"Erm Yeah" I said
"You Sure?!" Zayn asked
"Erm yeah im sure" I said yawning
"I can stay with you if you want to stay" Louis Said
"No No No I Want To go" I said
"Okay we leave in one hour so we can get ready starting Now" Zayn said said
We all got ready and headed out an hour later
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