Harry Styles meets a beautiful girl named Willow at a hospital while visiting young patients for a children's cure campaign. Beside his best friends and fellow band mates; Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn, he copes and enjoys the limited possibilities between him and Willow, who is treated at the hospital with a rare cancer. Willow, with her fragile body and hurt self esteem is trying hard to heal despite what might become a relapse.


2. Love at first sight?


The checkup seemed to go well, but as the doctor inspected the scans he had taken of me, he looked a little bit worried that it will come back pretty badly next time, but that there isn't much of a chance. I'm lying in my bed at the moment, supposed to be sleeping but lying with my eyes wide open alone in the dark. I cant stop thinking about that boy, Harry from One Direction, who stopped and stared at me in the corridor earlier this afternoon. I guess I should be gobsmacked that a band as famous and One Direction were in the hospital, but it doesn't really appeal to me. When they come up on TV, it would be something I casually passed on my search for a good channel or show. I must admit, they were all pretty gorgeous, especially that Harry one. I wondered if he was staring at me just because of what everyone else stares at me for; my bald head and unhealthily pale skin, obviously assuming that I was very sick, or because of something else. I shook a thought out of my head, knowing that no boy would obviously never take any interest in me, because of how terrible I look, and how I'm apparently 'not an option' because I'm so sick. I decided I could like him secretly for my self, not the only one interested in him, with all the girls (and boys) screaming after him.

I hate this sickness, for ruining my life.  I remember the first time I got it, when I was 8, and how when it was over after 2 years I went back to school where it seemed like everyone had forgotten me. I walked in to my classroom, feeling nervous but excited, wondering what would happen. My hair had started to grow back slightly, my scalp covered in little dark hair. I hated it. seeing everyone everyone chatting and laughing barely noticing me. I was used to being the centre of attention most of the time, everyone always worrying about me. I've grown up as an only child, not spoiled before I got cancer but my wants and needs were always quite important to fulfil to my parents. My Mum's name is Tori, and my Dad's Sebastion but always called Seb. Tori and Seb. They seemed so perfect together but they divorced when I was 9, always fighting over the stress of caring for me. I always felt responsible for their split when I was younger but now I understand. It wasn't really my fault, just a misunderstanding and what parents tend to do, actually. I wonder what Harry would think of all this, what he would think of the fact that I'm pretty sure I've fallen in love with him even though he was just a boy I saw in the hospital corridor (who happens to be very famous). I wonder if he'll ever see me again.


I've never fallen in love before. I've had numerous girlfriends, sure, but it's never felt like this. That girl I saw in the corridor, I think I love her. It sounds crazy, assumed and misunderstood, but to me it feels right. 

Seeing the patients was an experience to remember, especially the crazed Grandma that we ran in to that apparently Zayn had seen naked in that room. She ran up to us, but tripped over Niall's foot and fell flat on to Louis. She ended up falling on top of him on the floor, but it wasn't as funny as it sounds. She was a visitor leaving from visiting one of her grandchildren, but was lucky she was in the hospital when she fell, because she almost had a stroke and we had to call the nurse. Oops. She was alright, though. We visited exactly 10 girls, and one boy. He had more to see on the list, but it got too late and we didn't have time. We are going back tomorrow to see more, which I am looking forward to in hope to see that girl again, with the amazing eyes. I think I really am in love.

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