Harry Styles meets a beautiful girl named Willow at a hospital while visiting young patients for a children's cure campaign. Beside his best friends and fellow band mates; Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn, he copes and enjoys the limited possibilities between him and Willow, who is treated at the hospital with a rare cancer. Willow, with her fragile body and hurt self esteem is trying hard to heal despite what might become a relapse.


1. Hospital


The only times I've been to a hospital that I remember, are when I was young and I sprained my arm, and to visit my Grandma when she was sick. The only time I have had any experience or seen anyone with cancer, was also my Grandma, who died from it about 8 years ago. I remember seeing her so fragile, trying to be so gentle whenever I touched her, because it looked almost as if she could break.

 As we walk into the hospital, I whisper in to Louis' ear "Do you think we'll find it hard to cope?". "I don't know Harry, but this is certainly new to me" he replied back in my ear. "Same" I said, as the lady at the reception started speaking to Zayn, and we all listened. It was hard to hear anything, because there were hundreds of fans outside the hospital trying to peer through the glass doors, being pulled up by the security guards we always have with us. "Just come right through to this door and go up in the elevator up to the second floor" she directed, with a sweet but direct voice. "You'll find Elizabeth there, and she will take you to your first room" and we all muttered a thanks. We are here because of a campaign that works at the hospital called 'Wish' that lets young patients make a wish that will bring them happiness during a difficult time with their sickness, particularly cancer patients. Apparently, a lot of the girls (and even a few boys) and asked for One Direction to come to their room and talk to them. We did exactly what the lady at the reception desk had told us to do, and we went to find Elizabeth.


I was lying in my hospital bed in my room watching TV, as usual, when a nurse knocked on my door and told me I was due for yet another checkup. I have a rare type of Leukemia, a cancer which effects my bone marrow and my bloodstream, and trust me, causes a lot of pain. I was 8 years old when I was diagnosed with it, and I am almost 18 now. They say it is a miracle that I have survived for so long, but for me it is a burden. I know this will never stop until my body finally gives in and dies, and it scares me to think that I almost hope for this to happen soon to stop the pain. I think about how incredibly selfish it is that I am waiting for this moment in a sense of longing, how everyone is waiting for it and how much pain it causes them, too. How I am almost looking forward to dying but how my family will almost die inside themselves, as well as me. Everything hurts at the moment, and I keep thinking that I am alone in this, but I remind myself all the thousands of other people around the world suffering from cancer, and I think again. Apparently I will be let out into the real world soon, but that always leaves everyone waiting for the next relapse, for it to be terrible once again. After I have this check up and I seem well enough, I will be able to go home tomorrow. I am used to this, the excitement of going back to your real home once again after spending time in the hospital, which is almost like a second home to me anyway, having spent about half of the (almost) 10 years here since I was diagnosed. I carefully get out of my bed and slowly walk to the nurse, being almost too weak to walk despite they fact that everyone thinks I'm ready to go home soon, but I'm alot better than most of the time I'm here. The nurse (who's name is Sandra and visits me often) helps me into a wheelchair, which I know sounds crazy, but is apparently very necessary every time I go somewhere else apart from my room (which is not very often apart from my constant check ups). As Sandra wheels me down the corridor, I notice five boys just coming out of the lift who I have recognised from TV (which I watch very often considering there is never anything else to do). As they walk out, I notice one boy with curly hair behind them who stops and stares at me, probably because of my startling bald head I have because of the chemo I have to have. I recognised him as Harry, the youngest of the band, and about my age, maybe a little bit older. I stared back at him, feeling uncomfortable under his gaze. One of the the other boys signalled him to hurry up, and he walked to catch up, his eyes still fixed into mine.


"What were you doing, mate?" asked Niall, in is Irish accent. "Nothing, what do you mean?" I stuttered back. "Never mind" he replied. I saw her in a wheelchair in the hallway, and she was so beautiful it almost scared me. Her head was completely bald, her nose was a perfect shape, her lips were rosy-red and soft looking. But I couldn't stop staring at her eyes, they were so dark, but light at the same time. They were like a dark coloured gold that shimmered in the light and would almost glow in the dark............. "Snap out of it!" Zayn yelled to me, laughing and clicking a finger in front of my face.  "W-what?" I managed, as Zayn signalled to the door "Do you think this is the right room?" he said. "I dunno, why ask me? Aren't we meant to go find that Elizabeth person?" I replied with a frown. "Cheer up! What's your problem? I can't see her anywhere so why don't we just find them ourselves?" He asked, and I just shook my head. He took a risk, knocking on the door and opening it a crack to look inside. "Oh, sorry!" he said quickly as he shut the door and leaned against it, sighing with relief. "What was it?" I asked curiously. "You definitely do NOT want to know!" he exclaimed, and everyone laughed.  


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