A Season of Gifts

It's the season for Chritmas and everyone is on edge. Liam's grandmother went into intensive care because they discovered new cancer cells in her system. She has completed Chemo-therapy and tests, and is awaiting results. Bryana and Liam are trying for a baby. Something serious happens to one of the girls and the couples have to stick together. Will Christmas turn out right in the end?


4. Why more?

About a week ago, today, Kylie was in a massive car accident involving a drunk driver. She was confirmed dead at the scene, right after saying her goodbye to Zayn.

Today is the funeral and everyone is dismal.

At the funeral, all of the girls spoke about their friendship together.

Bryana talked about their first concert together, Makenzie about the memories, Vanessa about her joy, and Hannah about everyday at lunch when they would all sit together at their own table.

Zayn was the first to go up. He cried out loud, the boys and their girlfreinds went up to comfort him. Her uncle, who is a pastor, spoke at the funeral.

After the funeral everyone offered their condolences and then Liam, Louis, Zayn, Niall, and Harry-along with their girlfriends-went back to Louis' flat.

"I just didn't expect it. I was planning on telling her 'I loved her' that night. That night!" Zayn says crying as Safaa, his little sister, patted his back.

They talk for a while then there is a phone call. "It's for you, Zayn." Safaa says and hands the phone to Zayn. "Hello?.......Mhmmmm.......tomorrow is okay.............. I am not doing well, I just really miss her................ Thank you, goodbye." Zayn hangs up.

"Who was that?" Hannah askes. "It was the lawyer, I have to meet with him tomorrow morning at 8 about her will." Zayn replies. "Then we should let you get some sleep. Hope you feel better tomorrow, lad." Niall says as they exit.

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