A Season of Gifts

It's the season for Chritmas and everyone is on edge. Liam's grandmother went into intensive care because they discovered new cancer cells in her system. She has completed Chemo-therapy and tests, and is awaiting results. Bryana and Liam are trying for a baby. Something serious happens to one of the girls and the couples have to stick together. Will Christmas turn out right in the end?


3. Retirement Home

Liam and Bryana pull into the hospital. They go through the same routine at the front desk and make their way up to the room.

Her room is filled with 'Get Well' balloons, cards wishing well being, and drawings from the little kids at their church.

"Well, hello. You didn't have to come and see me." she says.

"Nonsense, nana. We were not about to disregard the call. It sounded serious, I am surprised they are letting people visit you." Bryana says.

She has always called Liam's grandmother 'nana' since she met her.


"Hey love? My family has been wanting to meet you and i told them when you are ready. We are having a family get-together and i was wondering if you would like to come." Liam asked after he and Bryana had been dating for a year. "I would love that, really." Bryana replied.

The next morning, Liam picks Bryana up at 9 a.m. and they head to his parents house. When they get there, all of Liam's little cousins race up and grab them both, clasping their legs.

Bryana smiles and hugs them back. "Bryana, this is Jason, Annabelle, Jackson, Lucy Marie, and Tyler. Everyone calls them 'The Fantasic Five' because they get into a lot of mischieve. 'Fantastic Five' this is my girlfriend, Bryana." Liam introduces.

"Wow, your pretty!" Lucy Marie says. "Thank you, sweetie!" Bryana says, chipper. They go inside and Liam introduces her to his aunts and uncles, then he finds his grandmother is in the kitchen.

"Grandma, this is Bryana-my girlfriend." Liam says, smiling. "Hello, Mrs. Wellfront." Bryana greets her.

"Oh, Mrs. Wellfront was my mother. We have heard so much about you from Liam, you are part of the family now. Call me nana."

******************************Flashback Ends**************************************

The doctor comes in and reports that she will be moving into a close retirement home near the hospital.

"It is closer to where your family lives, so it should be more comfortable for her at this time." the doctor says. "Thank you doctor." Liam says as the doctor exits the room.

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