A Season of Gifts

It's the season for Chritmas and everyone is on edge. Liam's grandmother went into intensive care because they discovered new cancer cells in her system. She has completed Chemo-therapy and tests, and is awaiting results. Bryana and Liam are trying for a baby. Something serious happens to one of the girls and the couples have to stick together. Will Christmas turn out right in the end?


1. Pregnant or not?

"Liam?" calls Bryana. "What does the test say?" Liam comes around the corner and askes. "We aren't pregnant." Bryana says as a tear falls and she stares at her feet.

"It will be okay. Maybe God just wants us to enjoy being a young married couple for right now. It will work out in the end." Liam comforts her.

"I know. It's just, I really hope we can start a family. I want a family together." Bryana says and smiles a little bit. "I know you do and I do too." Liam says.

" How about I fix us some hot cocoa and we'll change into our pajama's. I'll light the fireplace and we can watch a Christmas movie?" Liam suggests. Bryana nods and goes upstairs to change.  

Liam puts hot water in the mix and starts the microwave for 2 minutes. He heads upstairs and into his and Bryana's bedroom. Bryana has out a grey tank top and fuzzy long pj bottoms with black snow flakes on them.

Liam goes over and kisses her cheek from behind. She smiles and turns around. "Do you want to wear my Jack Wills sweatshirt?" Liam askes. "Yes! It is freezing, i am gonna go turn up the heat a bit." Bryana says. She goes into the bathroom and turns the heat up to 73*.

Liam pulls the sweatshirt over her and they go downstairs to the living room. He goes over and pulls the hot cocoa out of the microwave. "Let's make a deal. You pick the movie and I will start the fire." Liam suggests.

"Deal." Bryana agrees. Liam starts the fire and they agree to watch the movie 'Matchmaker Santa' from the Hallmark Channel.

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