A Season of Gifts

It's the season for Chritmas and everyone is on edge. Liam's grandmother went into intensive care because they discovered new cancer cells in her system. She has completed Chemo-therapy and tests, and is awaiting results. Bryana and Liam are trying for a baby. Something serious happens to one of the girls and the couples have to stick together. Will Christmas turn out right in the end?


7. Our Announcement

"Before you two go, Niall and I wanted to make an announcement....... we are having a baby!" Vanessa exclaims and rubs her stomach.

"What?!" everyone yells. "Yes, we are. I took the test 2 weeks ago and it was positive. I went to the doctor that Thursday, and it is confirmed. My due date is August 8th!"

"That is so exciting, so that's why you were very chipper this evening." Liam laughes at himself. "Yes, we wanted to tell the news after it had been confirmed." Niall smiles.

"So do your parents know yet, or are we first?" Louis asks. Hannah swats louis in the arm. "What?! I just want to know!" Louis says rubbing his shoulder.

"No, it's fine Hannah. They do know Louis, but they are the only family besides all of you that know right now. We don't know when we are going to tell them." Vanessa says honetly. "I feel so special!" Harry jokes and they all laugh.

"Well, we are going to let you two go look at lights and we are going to do the same. Have loads of fun and stay safe out there." Bryana says. everyone waves 'bye' and they log out.

"Okay people, time for Christmas lights!" Makenzie jumps excitedly.

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