A Season of Gifts

It's the season for Chritmas and everyone is on edge. Liam's grandmother went into intensive care because they discovered new cancer cells in her system. She has completed Chemo-therapy and tests, and is awaiting results. Bryana and Liam are trying for a baby. Something serious happens to one of the girls and the couples have to stick together. Will Christmas turn out right in the end?


5. Decorating for Christmas

Louis and Hannah- Hannah and Lou are in Doncaster visiting his family. They are staying up there for Christmas and New Years. Hannah just text Makenzie saying that they are having a wonderful break and set up a Skype time with everyone for 6 o'clock.

Harry and Makenzie- Makenzie and Harry are fastly falling for each other and they are spending Christmas at Harry's family crest a couple miles from Zayn's home in Bradford. They are not quick to rush into living together or a wedding yet though, they are just enjoying each others company.

Zayn- Zayn is meeting with the lawyer today about Kylie's will. They are going over property costs, possession loans, and banking decisions.

Niall and Vanessa-Today they are hanging out with Bryana and Liam, putting up Christmas decor. First they are decorating Niall and V's appartment. Then they are going to decorate Liam and Bryana's flat.

Liam and Bryana- They are decorating today then hosting a Christmas party at their flat. Then at 6 they are going to Skype Lou and Hannah to see how they are doing.


"Liam, could you get this box. It's way up on the top shelf." Vanessa asks. "Sure thing, V." he replies. He grabs the box full of trinkits. Vanessa is holding her stomach and smiling when Bryana and Liam notice.

"Is something wrong, V. Why are you holding your stomach?" Bryana asks. "I'm fine." Vanessa says and smiles again. Bryana has a 'wonder what that was about' face, but goes back to decorating without questioning further.

They all finish and head to Liam and Bryana's flat. While Liam and Niall are setting up the white tree, Vanessa and Bry make hot cocoa and some chocolate chip cookies.

Everyone takes a break and eats while socializing, then Bryana grabs the neon colored ornaments. The ornament consist of neon colors like hot pink, teal, lime green, yellows, oranges, purples, and any fun color imaginable.

They laugh at a couple ornaments like a penguin and elephant. Then Bry and Vanessa wrap garland around the banisters of the wide grand staircase.

Next, they install command hooks under the mantle of the fireplace, then hang gold-incrested ornaments on them. With the final touch of candles and stockings, they are done.

"Would you two like help with cooking for the party?" Niall and Liam ask. "No, that's okay. We will tell you if we need anything." Vanessa says. They get out all the supplies.

They have 5 hours to bake cinnamon rolls, chocolate peanut butter balls, cookies, cake balls, pepporoni rolls, baked spaghetti, and make the differnet punches. Once they finish and set everything out of dishes, it is 5:30, everyone will arrive in a short amount of time.

"V and I are going to go get ready in the guest room, are you two going to get ready?" Bryana asks, since the boys are glued to a match of 'fotball' or soccer in America."

The boys shuffle upstairs, Bryana comes out of hers and Liam's room with a load of clothes. "You two can take our room, Niall and I will take the guest room, plus I already set out my clothes in there anyways." Liam suggests.

"Thanks, hon." Bryana says. "No big deal, babe." Liam kisses Bryana's cheek.

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