Kidnapped With The Boys

This is a Niall fanfic were he meets this girl Angel (based off of me). They are kidnapped , but what is wierd they are the only two. They go there ways boys hotel girls home. When Niall and Angel have to go out.
I will try to update as much as i can have school,clubs,and i am writing this then typing so.Please escuse my gramar and spelling.


3. Onstage Offstage

Liam Prov

Niall was watching the girl I think her name is Angel. She left the room, and Niall followed her. I heard her shieked, and Niall came running in with her over her shoulder.  I  see them talking them she's called back to get ready. I go over to him' and say "You like her!" He looks at me and says "How do you know?" "Well she walked out of the room ,and you followed her like a lost puppy ,and you carried her back into the room." I said. All he could do was look at me he finally found his voice "Liam you have to keep this a secret please I am begging you!!!" I had to think for a minute i usually would have made him tell her ,but i only said "Iwill."

Niall Prov

Liam knew lets just hope she dosen't figure it out. I don't want us to aviod each other. She was getting ready to go out onstageI said to her "Good luck." She replied "Thanks I am going to need it." All i can think, and I guess I acidentally said "You'll do great I just know it," and i hugged her ,but i didn't want to let go of her. It felt so right even if it would be considered wrong.

Lauren Prov

I looked over at Angel and Niall. They have been spending a lot of time together. I need to ask if she likes him they would be a good couple. I looked over agian ,and they're talking ,and he pulls her into a hug oooh!!! There has to be something going on between them I just know it.

P.S i will try to add more later i am falling it is 1:07 in themorning in Indiana.  Thanks for the support.

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