Kidnapped With The Boys

This is a Niall fanfic were he meets this girl Angel (based off of me). They are kidnapped , but what is wierd they are the only two. They go there ways boys hotel girls home. When Niall and Angel have to go out.
I will try to update as much as i can have school,clubs,and i am writing this then typing so.Please escuse my gramar and spelling.


2. Chapter 1 The Concert

Angels Prov

We are backstage with none other than One Direction OMG I can't belive this!!!! We where all joking around with each other I can't belive I haven't freaked I was talking to Niall Horan (he always been my favorite). I had to step out to get a drink I didn't know that Niall followed me into the kitchen I got my drink and he just says "Whatcha doin?" Which scared me to death.i turn around he is just laughing his butt off. All I could say was " Thats so mean Niallier."  "Sorry I didn't mean to" he says as he picks me up throwing me over his shoulder. I shrieked of course why just why do I have to be embarissing. He ran carring setting me down on the couch , and sat down next to me Saying " did I scare ya?" "No you you didn't I shrieked cause I was happy" I said sarcasticly. He laughed at me is that good of course stop being stupid , but is it?

Niall's Prov

I can't tell Angel that i like her i didn't want things to get wierd between usplease don't let that happen.If I tell her she may get scared of me, and I don't want that I really don't. Wait do I have a crush on a 11 year old she may almost be 12, but still that can't be good can it? Well I geuss that its a good thing she was always blushing.

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