Kidnapped With The Boys

This is a Niall fanfic were he meets this girl Angel (based off of me). They are kidnapped , but what is wierd they are the only two. They go there ways boys hotel girls home. When Niall and Angel have to go out.
I will try to update as much as i can have school,clubs,and i am writing this then typing so.Please escuse my gramar and spelling.


1. Intro

I am in a band called Stargirls. We aren't popular we are a hometown group in Whiteland , Indiana. There is five of us me (Angel Hanaway),Elisa,Cassey,Lauren,and Pheobe. Cassey is the oldest you can tell by how she acts, and Pheobe is second oldest. Elisa is the third oldest then me Angel the second youngest , and the theres Lauren the youngest. Everyone thinks I am the youngest ,but thats just cause i don't check out everyone. It doesn't help that i am the smallest i am the lankiest too. We gave each other nicknames I will tell you from oldest to youngest I will also tell you the ages. Cassey is 21 and her nickname is mommy star ,and Pheobe is 18 shes star. Elisa is 14 and she is called  Lisa ,and I am starfire i am 11 almost 12. Lauren is wren she is 11 to but I am almost a year older. Thye band One Direction is doing a concert and want a local band to open for them , and we got picked.

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