One Less Lonely Girl


2. 2

*Sarah's POV*

I can't believe he thinks he can come back here and think he's better than everyone else!
He always thought he was better than everyone else. I can't stand him! Why did mum make me go to his concert with my sister and her friend, he must think it would impress me by chasing after me, he just makes me sick.

I walked along the path not looking back, I knew mum would kill me for leaving my sister at the concert, but I couldn't stay any longer, I can't stand him. You see he used to go to my high school and he was the most down to earth boy I knew, but since he's been famous he barely ever comes back here. Before he left he convinced everyone that he would always be the same person even and we would always be with him in his hearts even if we weren't there in person, he couldn't even keep that promise for one day.

As I headed straight through the town, I felt so alone, ever since I was the only one of my friends to be held back a year they had all been distant. It was to the point I had to go to concerts I didn't want to go to with my sister.

I walked though my door and into the living room where mum sat reading one of my sister, Danni's, magazines and under closer inspection I realised, he, was on the front, great! Everywhere I was, he was there...

Turning around and heading to my room, I heard mum shout something about the concert, but I didn't care, he was back and I had a feeling he would for get about me soon and I would walk into him at some point...
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