One Less Lonely Girl


1. 1

*Justin's POV*

I could feel the microphone shaking in my hand as I waited to go to stage to sing to all my adoring fans and for the first time I was nervous and it was because I was singing in my hometown, in front of all the people who had watched me grow up, they all knew I had talent but no of them believed I would make it and now here I was millions of albums sold and all my tours across the world sold out in a matter of minutes. I suddenly felt pumped and I was ready to prove to them how wrong they had been about me, to prove I was worthy to stand on this stage, worthy of all the fans. I edged closer to the stage and heard my name being screamed, I got the tap on the shoulder to tell me I could go on stage, taking a deep breath I made my way on to the stage and the noise was deafening I couldn't believe that everyone who had told me I would never make it in the music industry was now screaming my name ad trying to get as close as they could to me, but thankfully my security were basically brick walls."It's good to be home!" I said turning to  see my name, Justin Bieber, in big lights. 

The music started for Beauty and a Beat and a Beat and I went straight into my performing mode. Everyone around was screaming and I couldn't help smiling knowing that only two years ago I was one of the people in front of me, going to concerts and having fun, now I have no time for fun, It's work all day I thought sadly, but I didn't let the smile drop from face, I couldn't, because if  I looked like I was enjoying performing for them, then they wouldn't enjoy my concert, even if I felt tired or sick, I had to keep smiling.

I looked around the great hall, taking in peoples faces trying to remember if I knew them from school or whether I had met them in town one day. A flash of gold caught my eye, I turned to look at what had caught my attention. It was a beautiful girl! She was looking down, and then I realized that she was texting! During my concert! I forgot about the rest of the people surrounding me and concentrated all my attention on this one girl, trying to get her attention, I just needed her to look up. I sung louder and made my dance moves more striking, all my effort put in to get her attention. Finally she looked up, but wouldn't look straight at me, it was if she was trying to avoid looking at me, she looked bored, she couldn't be bored, I wouldn't let her, I made it seem as if I was only singing to her, she finally looked up straight into my eye, during and instrumental break in the song I let out a huge sigh of relief, I looked to the side of the stage, where my manager was stood and he looked angry. Looking back to where the girl was stood, I noticed that she wasn't there, I panicked, looking around , I couldn't see her anywhere. One of the fire exit doors was being opened, looking in the direction of it, I found her and she was leaving.

Dropping the mic on the stage I raced after her, I couldn't let her get away, I made it to the fire exit in record time.I pushed the heavy door and saw her walking down the street. I jogged towards her and grabbed her arm, she turned and screamed, swiftly I put my hand over her mouth and lead her into a dark alley nearby. I pushed her lightly into a wall and put a hand on either side of her, caging her in. She really didn't look happy, any other girl I knew would have been screaming for joy, she was just screaming. Glaring at me she said  "shouldn't you be singing your stupid songs back at your stupid concert" I looked at her as if she had just slapped me in the face, she might well as, I leave my concert and all my fans, to chase after her and she insults me. I recovered and simply answered "I came after you 'cause I wanted to know your name and I didn't want you to leave" I mentally slapped myself Really? Is that all I can say? I didn't want you to leave...  "you shouldn't have bothered!" she spat angrily at me, ducking under my arms, she walked back down the alley leaving me stunned...


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