The cupcakes.

there's this girl called Robin that owns a cupcake shop its a big hit among the teenage girls.Then one day she gets a special visit from 5 boys .......
P.S Everyone dosent have girlfriends.


4. The next Day

(Robin's P.O.V)

I woke up with Louis next to me I got out of bed with only someone  to pull back down and said "where do you think your going" Louis said as pulling me back under the covers " I was going to make pancakes but if you don't want me to I  won"t " then he said "I will make them and you can help" he got out of bed and I forgot he was only wearing his boxers he looked so lush.Then I got out of bed and came down to Louis dancing in my kitchen before I checked my calendar A week in till my best friend was coming over from Australia  I should tell Louis then I walked in to my kitchen and sat on the bench next we he was cutting up bananas I said to him"Louis my best friend is coming to move here in a week can she stay for a month please".Louis agreed with me.While we were eating I said to him that she always loved Niall and they had heaps in common.once we finished cleaning we went over to Niall's and I was introduced to all of the boys.They were playing Fable 3 and Harry said to "Louis show Robin how to play and harry gave me his remote be fore Louis could say anything I  was moving and killing the "baddies" as I call them. All of the boys were stunned by this and I paused the game and said with a confused tone"what" harry said "your good at video games" and I answered back "and...." Then harry said no girl likes to hear" but your a girl" I didn't talk just grabbed  my hand bad and keys and walked off and got in my car to one of train stations and travelled in the middle of London.

A/N: sorry to any girls that don't know what fable is and sorry if I got the train thing wrong I live in Australia soi I don't know that much about the English train system.  

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