The cupcakes.

there's this girl called Robin that owns a cupcake shop its a big hit among the teenage girls.Then one day she gets a special visit from 5 boys .......
P.S Everyone dosent have girlfriends.


1. The morning.

(Robins 's P.O.V)

One snowy day in London I wake up and  turn on my radio and my Favourite song :This kiss by Carly Rea jepsen  was on. I thought today was going to be good  day when I got out of the shower I put on my make up I don't wear heaps of make up. After that I got on my Cream blouse then my Jet black vest after I put on a pair of ebony tights next a pair of  shorts to keep my tights from  falling down then my ebony and ruby layered skirt and a hazel trench coat and a wine beanie with a matching set  of gloves and a scarf last but no least my knee high Mocha boots. I run down the stairs and start walking to work I grab a muffin and coffee from Starbucks. And keep walking when I arrive at work its 6:00 enough time to decorate the cupcakes I baked last night I take off my coat, gloves ,beanie and scarf. Next I put on my apron I have to decorate the cupcakes in the union jack along with a cake with one direction on them I always had a soft spot for Louis .

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