The cupcakes.

there's this girl called Robin that owns a cupcake shop its a big hit among the teenage girls.Then one day she gets a special visit from 5 boys .......
P.S Everyone dosent have girlfriends.


3. The date!

(Robin's P.O.V)

 I was giving a women her cake I got a call from Louis I declined because the bakery was getting busy and he Just kept calling so I answered him and went "why aren't you answering me"he said it with so much sass I was were nearly laughing your head off then I said "were you going to take me for our date " surprise but come In some formal clothes and meet me at your cupcake store at 6:00 ok ?I said "ok".It was 3:45 it was time to start closing the store I put all the cake and cupcakes in the cupboard for Tomorrows day old cupcakes and put the chair ups and mopped the floor turned off the stereo and turned off the lights grabbed my coat scarf ,beanie Gloves and my handbag and start running home reliesand when i get home  that its 4:30 so I run up my stairs have a shower,  put my Make up on ,get my royal blue long strapless dress on and put on a heart locket necklaces with a matching pair of earrings and a matching heart bracelet and ring.Then A pair of black heels under My dress and put my hair in a waterfall braid and Grab my trench coat and a white clutch and run down my stairs because its 5:50. I nearly slip on the snow But Louis catches me  and says "close your eyes and I will  put a blind fold on and l will  lead you to our date I takes" about five minutes later Louis toke  off the blindfold . and there was a beautiful roof top terrace it had fairy lights all around and in the middle of the floor was a beautiful white matching table and chair.He lead me to my  seat and then sat down and give you a red rose then clapped his hands and all the boys run up the stairs with menus and their all dressed tuxedos and said with deep accents  "how may we take your order" Louis answered with " we'll have the spaghetti and for dessert we will have the raspberry cheesecake" then the boys run down the stairs.Then  me  and Louis so talk to each other and Then  the spaghetti comes out before I  ate  .harry takes  my coat when you and Louis are finished eating he invited me  to dance then Niall starts playing his guitar and the other boys sing "little things" you could see Louis was sad when harry got to sing he's solo I kissed his cheek as soon he started blushing like crazy when we finished dancing  dessert was  served there was only one spoon so we decided to share Louis stared trying to feed me but not doing so good so I started  feeding him I looked like he was enjoying it  once we finished I went over and thanked the boys then Louis walked me him half way there I realised that I forgot my coat and Louis saw that I was cold so he let me wear his jacket we got backed to my house and started walking up to the door and Louis said"i guess it's goodnight" then something toke over me and I kissed him on the lips then he came inside and chased me up to my bed nothing happened  because I'm saving myself for marriage..

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