The cupcakes.

there's this girl called Robin that owns a cupcake shop its a big hit among the teenage girls.Then one day she gets a special visit from 5 boys .......
P.S Everyone dosent have girlfriends.


2. Meeting them.

  (Robin,s. P.O.V)                                                                                                                                                                      After I decorated the cupcakes I turned my store's stereo on it had all the songs that I thought were cool and the latest songs.  I turned on the lights and Put the chairs out then the cupcakes and the cakes in the displays. I put the big fancy white chocolate cake in a special display .After I put the cake in a red and white striped box with blue ribbon and the cupcakes in a a red and blue striped box with white ribbon there on a little cupcake stand. Then I open the curtains and I go out back and get a tag saying sold so no one tries tries to buy  the cake and cupcakes .Then I open the store. 

(Louis P.O.V) 

Me and the boys were on the way to a party when we got a call Paul asked us to pick up cupcakes and a cake at the Peach cupcake bakery .When we got there there was girl she looked pretty cute opening the store I knocked on the window she went one sec she went over to the window and put up a poster then she opened the door . And said "welcome to the peach cupcake bakery how can I help you also my names Robin " it looked pretty awesome from the in side it had peach walls and the celling was baby blue with little clouds and birds flying threw the sky and the peach walls had a little tree in the middle of the room with all the different types of cupcakes they sell and cakes. And the floor was white floorboards. Then Liam said "Were here to pick up some cupcakes and a cake she answered "Ok give me a sec she bent down and grabbed the boxes as normal Harry was perving on  her.I hit his shoulder  really hard and whispered"She's mine" she said "here you go also this sounds silly but are you one direction" Niall answered with a "  yes also can I try your white chocolate cake "she said with a gleeful smile sure and cut him a bit he looked like he was loving it so the rest of the boys and myself ask can we have a slice she said "sure" she whispered to me " I will give you the cake for free if I can have your number and if you take me on a date" I whispered back "sure" she was blushing like crazy by know.

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