Who's that Boy

Bailie or Bayer and her friend Ash are on their way to becoming singers. Along the way they meet One Direction and are bathed in even more fame than they could imagine. Suddenly everything gets out of hands and will Bayer and Ash still want to be singers?


5. Months Later

"Hey, Babe?" Zayn was yelling down the hallway, again. He came into view and saw me on the couch. I took my glasses off and set my book down. 


"Your going Clubbing with Ash, Lou, and me, right?"

Today is Friday. No work tomorrow. Mmhmm. "Yeah I'll go." He smiled and turned around to go to our room. "Hey, put the boys to bed, please?" I ran my hands through my hair. I got it dyed black with neon blue tips. My best friend in America got hers red with the under side black. She was also coming here tomorrow because Ash is going to go home with her boyfriend Lou. Yeah she got 'back in the closet' (She is not gay anymore). To top it off, Zayn moved in with Casey, Landon, and I. I glanced at the clock, 7:21. Better get ready.

I walked down the hall to our room, first checking on the boys. They were fast asleep. I smiled and open my door. Zayn was already getting ready. I kissed him and got in the shower. The warm water felt good on my face.

"Hey babe Ash is picking you up. I'm going early Harry texted me and he needs me. Bye." He kinda shouted so I could hear him over the water running. Great Ash and I, well we were just not like sisters anymore. I shook off my thoughts and got out.  I dried off and searched for my phone.

TEXT: hey Brittney can you come babysit im going to a club with the boy friend

She responded with a short answer: yes. Good something is going right tonight. I pulled out a short black dress and some heels. The same pair I met Zayn in. I smiled at the memory of that day. I put enough makeup for it to be noticeable. My hair was a little more troubling. It wanted to frizz and curl a the same time. Stupid hair. I hair sprayed it and bumped it up. A once over and I was waiting in the lobby.

Ash was quick, I waited maybe 5 minutes. She looked tired so I took over driving. I noticed she was acting like Zayn had been in the past week or so. That's weird she was nervously tugging at her clothes. 

"Bay, I have something important to tell you." she took a deep breath. "I'mpregnantandzaynisthefather." she was talking to fast for me to understand.

"Ash, speak slower." I turned onto a semi busy road. 

"I'm     pregnant     and    zayn is the father." I glanced at her.

"What?! You slept with my boyfriend!?" In the corner of my eye I saw her shake her head yes. I turned my head forgetting I was driving and look her in eye. "I Hate You!"

Then everything went black...

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