Who's that Boy

Bailie or Bayer and her friend Ash are on their way to becoming singers. Along the way they meet One Direction and are bathed in even more fame than they could imagine. Suddenly everything gets out of hands and will Bayer and Ash still want to be singers?


7. Jensen and Love making

"Hey, Bay, are you here?" I heard the door open and shut. I paused the TV and got up from the couch. Grabbing a bat, I walked to the front door. 

"Yes? Who is it?" My muscles were tense and alert.

"It's Juliette." I sighed as I saw her red head. I lowered the bat. "Jeez Bay! Who did you think I was?"

I laughed "I didn't know so yeah..." I lifted the bat. She flinched. "Wow Jul. Where were you?"

She smiled and chewed on her lip ring. "With HarrBear..." She smiled at the ground like an idiot. My face went serious. 

"Who is HarrBear?" She looked up, still smiling like an idiot. God I loved her. 

"My boyfriend." Her voice rose a couple of pitches. She blushed a deep shade of red that looked weird on her dark skin. "You know him. He has killer green eyes. And god his hair is just, I'm dead. He is really fit and well himself." Her voice climbed as high as the Empire State Building. 

"Your dating Harry." I didn't ask, I told her. She frowned. "Oh my god! Yay! Jul I'm so happy! Were like sisters now! But wait we already are..." I was talking like a little girl. I looked at her and we burst out laughing. "But really I'm happy for you." I smiled at her.

"Mommy?" Landon stood in the door way, his hair a mess. He had his teddy bear named Twinkle Toes. Short for Twinkle Edward Smelly Toes. Yes I know but he is only 3.

"Yes cupcake?"

"Is Zayn our daddy? Our real daddy?" I gave Juliette the look. Only my mom and her knew about their dad. 

"Oh, honey. Do you want him to be your real dad?" He looked at me with his dark blue eyes, and shook his head yes. "Come here." He started to cry.

"Mommy, why isn't daddy here? Doesn't he love us?" I tried to soothe him. Casey walked in dressed in jeans and a button down shirt. 

"Mommy, I think we need to talk." He grabbed my hand and lead me to the couch and sat me down. Then he guided the still crying Landon to the other couch with him. "Mommy, we want to know who real daddy is, please?" I smiled as a tear slipped down my cheek. 

Just then Zayn walked in. Could this get any worse? 

"Yeah ,who is their dad babe?" It just got worse. Great.

"His name is Jensen. He was working on a movie here in London. When..." I looked at Landon and started crying. 

"Oh, mommy don't cry." Landon walked over to me and crawled in my lap. Snuggling into my chest he whispered, "Me and Casey will protect you mommy." I cried harder and clutched onto him. Casey joined and soon both boys were soaked with my tears. I released them.

"You both need a bath now." Juliette walked in. I could tell she heard it all.

"I'll do it." She smiled and I tried to return it. When they left Zayn walked over and picked me up like  a bride. I collapsed into his arms, I was too tired to protest. He carried me into our room. 

"All I want to know is, did he hurt you?" I fumbled with my shorts. He grabbed my hands and undid the button.

"No. We were in a ... heated moment." My face turned red. He kissed my neck.

"Ok good. I wasn't in the ass kicking mood." He mumbled into my neck slipping off my shorts and working on my shirt. I weakly laughed and tugged at his shirt. "Are you sure?" He looked me in the eye.

I swallowed. "Yes, make love to me." And that's what he did. After we were both soaked in sweat and love, we laid to together. Zayn brushed the hair from my neck and kiss my shoulder.

"I will always love you Bay. No matter what."

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