Who's that Boy

Bailie or Bayer and her friend Ash are on their way to becoming singers. Along the way they meet One Direction and are bathed in even more fame than they could imagine. Suddenly everything gets out of hands and will Bayer and Ash still want to be singers?


4. First Date

I woke up in bed with Zayn by me. I remember telling everyone that Zayn and I were a couple. I think they all spent the night. The rest of he night was a blur.  I rubbed my eyes and got out of Zayn's arms. It was really cold. I looked down at my naked body. Nice. I peeked the sheets where Zayn was sleeping and sure enough he was naked too. He stirred in his sleep and opened one eye.

"What, you didn't get enough of me last night?" He sent me a lopsided smile. Yeah, we did it last night. And I couldn't remember any of it. I laughed and reached over and kissed him.

"I'm getting in the shower. Are you coming?" I teased him. I heard him gasp but he sat up and took my hand. I grinned and led him to the bathroom. I started the shower with my free hand and sat two towels on the bench next to it. Zayn watched every move I made. "Take a picture babe. It lasts longer."

He laughed and cupped my face. "I don't need a picture when I can have you." He was about to kiss me when I stepped backwards into the shower. I laughed at his shocked face.

"Come and get me." Zayn stepped into the shower and caught me in his arms. He looked down at me and laughed.

"You owe me a kiss. A real kiss."

"Are my kisses not real enough for you Malik?"

"Why don't you show me how real they can be then I will answer that question." I laughed and placed my lips on his. Slow at first then I pulled back and kiss his jaw. I brought his lips back to mine and bit his lower lip and tugged a little. He moaned into my mouth. I smiled and licked my lips. Zayn clenched his jaw and I took the opportunity and slip my tongue in his mouth. I caught him off guard but I could tell he liked it. He placed his hands right under my butt and straddled me on his hips. I smiled.

"Was that real enough?" He nodded his head and grinned at me. A knock on the door caused Zayn to drop me. "OW!"

"Oh god!" Zayn picked me up and checked for blood.

"What is up with you dropping me all the time?" We laughed until someone knocked again. "Um, yes?" 

"Hey Bay, were recording today and your mom called."

"Ok, thanks" I shrugged at Zayn's confused face.

After we wrapped up the shower, I stood outside of Casey and Landon's room, dressed and on the phone.

"Yes mom I know.... It's not like that...NO!....I'm not telling you if we did it yet..... Because..... Ok mom I'm hanging up bye." I rolled my eyes and hung up. My phone read 9:13. I opened the door to their room and walked in. "Wakie up time!" I smiled as Landon's eyes opened.

"Mommy!" He jumped out of bed and kissed my cheek.

"Landon, baby. Mommy is going to sing today and Brittney, your babysitter, is busy. So the boys you met last night are going to watch your brother and you." I smiled at him and walked over to Casey. I picked him up. "Baby, wake up." He cracked open one eye. I sat him on the ground and took his hand and Landon's. They were still in pajamas but whatever. I led them downstairs to where Liam, Louis, Niall, Harry, Zayn, and Ash were. "Ok, who is going with Ash and I? Only one or two people can go."

"I will of course." Zayn pecked my lips and took Casey in his arms. He rocked him and he was out cold. Louis raised his hand like a good schoolboy. We all laughed.

"Ok so Liam make sure you don't leave Niall and Harry alone with the kids."

"Do you not trust us?" Harry protested.

"I trust you just not with my kids." I smiled at him and Niall. "Now, they only get 2 hours on the telly. No sugary food or drinks. They can eat mac and cheese for lunch. And if you go out in public, no, absolutely no candy shops." I gave all three of them a stern look. "Last thing, if you want all your pretty hair still on your head, Casey and Landon can not have any injuries." I smiled sweetly. "Let's go." Everyone laughed on the way out the door. Shortly we split up with Louis and Ash in one car and Zayn and I in the other.

I gave Zayn the address as he put it in the GPS and volunteered to drive. I agreed and sat back in the passenger seat. He held my hand as he drove. He was really sweet to me. All to soon we were at the studio. I groaned but got out. Zayn walked to my side and grabbed my hand. Louis and Ash were already in the building when we got the the room. I walked in the booth with Ash.

The whole time we sang, Zayn stared at me, smiling. Right as I walked out he hugged me and kissed my cheek. I grinned up at him. 

"Um Ash and Lou, is it ok if I take my lovely girlfriend to really late lunch?" Lou and Ash shrugged and mumbled sure. I squealed joyfully. I hugged Ash. We weren't as close anymore. She squeezed me once and released me. I frowned and turned towards Zayn.

"Let's go babe." I laced my fingers around his. He walked me out to the car. I told him I was driving this time. He protested but agreed. Zayn wouldn't tell me where we were going but gave me directions. When we arrived we were in front of a park. "Are you sure this is it?"

"Yeah I'm sure babe." I shrugged as he pulled out a picnic basket. 

"You had this planned!" I laughed and kissed him on the lips. He opened my car door like a gentleman and held his arm out to me. I gladly took it and he walked me to a gazebo lit with candles and rose petals.

"Our first date." He gestured at the view. I looked up at him and really smiled. The night went perfectly until it started to rain and the paparazzi came. We had to run to the car soaking wet. It wasn't that bad of a first date.


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