Who's that Boy

Bailie or Bayer and her friend Ash are on their way to becoming singers. Along the way they meet One Direction and are bathed in even more fame than they could imagine. Suddenly everything gets out of hands and will Bayer and Ash still want to be singers?


6. Emotions in check? No

My head was killing me and my whole body ached. I smelled lemons and bleach and beeping noises everywhere around me. I wanted to vomit. My eyes wouldn't open when I tried. I felt heavy. Not like in weight but heavy in my heart. I slowly opened my eyes. The bright lights hurt. I turned my head to the left and a boy sat there. He looked familiar. 

"Bay? Bay!" Who's Bay? My name is... I don't know my name. Or his.

"W-" I couldn't form the words. It hurt my throat.

"She's awake!" I squinted as a doctor walked in.

"Baylie Anna Marie Kyle. No broken bones. Concussion and was in coma. Damage done to vocal cords. Feared might not be able to speak." Was I this Bay person? "Also mother of twins, Casey and Landon Garrett." I HAVE KIDS? 

"A-am-m I-i a m-moth-ther?" I throat was burning really bad. The doctor looked at me shocked.

"Yes you have two beautiful sons." He gave me a smile and started doing test. Nurses came and went from my room. Every time I tried to talk I was shushed. I was frustrated at the nurses and the doctors and the boy who sat and watched. I didn't know him. Or I thought I didn't. Later that day a girl with red and black hair came in and the boy left.

"Bay, how are you?" She had beautiful eyes that reflected the sunlight. I was certain I knew her.

"Juliette." She looked shocked.

"You remember me? How about Zayn?"

"Zayn?" Was he that boy that sat by my bedside all day? "Why am I here?"

"About, god like 3 months ago, you were in a car crash with a girl named Ash."

"Is she still alive."

"Sadly no. She was gone instantly." A tear rolled down my cheek.

"Did I cause her to-"

"No Bay you didn't there was a Drunk driver that hit your car." I was full on sobbing now. Juliette came over and held me. 

"So who is this Zayn boy? What does he have to do with this?" I wiped away as many tears as I could and tried to smile but failed.

"He is your long time boyfriend. You've been together for almost a year now. He was here all the time. Would only leave to shower and eat. He wanted to be here when you woke up. You were going to go to a club with him that night. That's why you were driving."

A sharp pain hit me in the head. I grabbed my head.

*"I Hate You!"*

All I could hear was my voice repeating it over and over and over again. My head pounded. I heard someone scream. I was the one screaming.

"GO AWAY! HELP ME! GOD HELP ME! TAKE ME NOW!" I broke into tears and cried my guts out. Then I puked my guts out.

*she was nervously tugging at her clothes* The last time she could.

*she took a deep breath* Her last breath.

I screamed and cried as more of the night came back. They were brief but painful. Juliette stayed by me and wouldn't let Zayn in. I could hear him yell my name. Finally, I was emotionally drained. It was around 3 am two days after I woke up that I slept. No nightmares,  just whiteness. I felt like I was floating.

I must have slept for a couple days. When I opened my eyes Juliette was there. She smiled and ate her yogurt. I sat up and propped myself on the hard pillow.

"I want to talk to Zayn." She didn't say anything but instead got up and left. Not long and Zayn walked in.

"Bay. Oh, Bay, I'm so sorry. I Love you."

I cut him off "No if you loved me you wouldn't have had sex with my friend and got her pregnant. What kind of love is that? And No don't try to explain to me how and why. I don't care. I don't think I ever will care for anyone again. Not after this. Now get Casey and Landon for me." I saw he tears on his cheeks. They caught the light from the window. A single tear fell and nothing more.

Casey and Landon ran up to the bed. "Mommy, are you better yet?" Landon looked up at me with blue eyes.

"Yeah, you've been sick a lot and daddy can't cook good." Casey added. I laughed and pulled them up in the bed. One on each side I questioned, "Who's daddy?" I smiled at them both.

"Well Zayn of course mommy. You must be really sick." I ruffled Casey's hair. And kissed his forehead. Juliette walked in and sat in he chair by the window. 

"Hey Jul, when do I get out of here?"

She pulled out a paper and read, "Bay can leave whenever she wishes. Able to check herself out."

I smiled, "Consider me checked out."

I was home in a week. It felt nice being able to walk down a hallway that didn't smell like lemons and bleach. I smelled in the scent of flowers and mud from the boys. It smelled really good. The lights weren't as bright and I liked it like that. Juliette was staying in the guest room. I told her to tuck the boys in whenever she thought was good and went to my room. I opened it to find no other than Zayn, packing his things. He turned to the sound of the door closing.

"Sorr-" He trailed off and rubbed the back of his neck. Bitting his lip he looked away from where I stood. He was ignoring me, and I didn't like it. Something snapped or maybe it healed but I walked up to him and cupped his face. 

"Don't ignore me and don't leave me." I whispered while looking in his eyes. "I love you and because I do, I forgive you and I hope you can forgive me." With that I kissed him. He broke the kiss and pulled me to the bed.

"Not now.." He looked at me and sighed.

"No I meant for us to sleep no to do that." I smiled and stripped out of my sweats and T-shirt. Zayn did the same and we laid together in the bed. Half-packed boxes were scattered around. I breathed in his smell and fell asleep with the one I love right beside me.

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