Who's that Boy

Bailie or Bayer and her friend Ash are on their way to becoming singers. Along the way they meet One Direction and are bathed in even more fame than they could imagine. Suddenly everything gets out of hands and will Bayer and Ash still want to be singers?


2. Casey and Landon

"Mom, I'm coming over for the boys."

"Ok hon. I'll get them ready."

I hung up the phone and left out a breath I didn't know I was holing. I just I afraid she wouldn't let me see them. I threw my hair in a messy bun and grabbed my purse. I found a piece of paper and wrote a quick note to Ash. I left it on the kitchen counter and walked towards the door with my phone in hand. I sent a text to Zayn asking if he wanted to come over later with all the boys. I was halfway to my mom's when he sent back a short and brief text agreeing to hang out at 12. I glance at my dashboard clock. 10 a.m. Perfect. I pulled up to my moms house and parked on the curb. Before I was out of the car, I saw the familiar blonde and brunette heads in the window. I smiled. man I Missed those boys. I ran up to the door and picked up Casey.

"Baby, did you miss mommy?"

He hugged me tighter. I sat him back on the ground and picked up Landon. I kissed his cheek and walked into the house with in on my hip. I passed through the brightly light living room and headed straight for the kitchen. I could smell cookies. I shook my head. No doubt  my mom was spoiling my boys. I pushed the door open and was greeted by my mom in an apron making cookies.

"Hi Mom."

"Hey baby. Casey and Landon's bags are in the living room. Here have some cookies Bayer."

"That's okay mom, I have some friends coming over soon. I've got to be quick."

"Oh, well, then take them in to your apartment for your friends babe."

I sighed and took the tray of cookies and set them by Casey and Landon's bags. I walked back into the kitchen and kissed my mom goodbye and thanked her. I lead the boys to their Finding Nemo and Toy Story backpacks. I slipped on Landon's Toy Story bag on his shoulder the put on Casey's backpack on for him. Both boys practically skipped to the door. I laughed and lead them to my blue Tahoe. I buckled in Casey while Landon buckled himself in. After checking the seat belts, I jogged over to the drivers seat.

It was a long drive with two toddlers sining to the radio. But that wasn't what frustrated me. Zayn seemed so into me last night. Now he acted coldly toward me, through a text. I didn't understand. He kissed me and he is acting like I kissed him. Thinking too hard I ran a red light. Landon being the good little boy he is told me what I did wrong. He smiled, his blonde hair catching the sun. He had his dad's hair. I smiled at him as I parked on the curb.

"Ash! Ash!" I pounded on the door to get her attention. She was probably sleeping so I knocked harder. The door swung open and I nearly hit Ash is the face. Casey and Landon ran past her and jumped on the couch. I smiled at Ash as she rubbed her eyes and went back to her room. I tossed my purse on the coffee table and put Toy Story in the DVD player. I wandered into the kitchen and started making lunch. Casey came in pronouncing he had to use the potty. I sat down the sand-which I was working on and followed Casey to the bathroom. 

"Ding! Ding! Ding! Do-ong!" Casey was still peeing so I gave him a thumbs up and walked to get the door. Landon sat on the couch absorbed in the movie. I laughed and reached for the door handle. Still laughing I opened the door to find 5 guys on their phones in the hall. I laughed harder and Liam looked up. 

"Hi. Is that Toy Story?" His eyes widened and he pushed past me.

"Hello?" I waved my arms at the others. Getting no response but a few muttered heys from Louis and Niall I go back to the kitchen. I can hear the door close and the boys sit on the couch.

"What? Bayer? Who is the kid?" Harry yells in my direction. I forgot Landon was in the living room. I laugh and walk towards the room. All heads turn towards me.

"That is Landon and he is my kid." I shrug at the 5 shocked faces.

"You have a kid?" Zayn asks me shocked. Its the first he has talked to me since he got here.

"Actually, I have two." Right on time Casey walks in with only his underwear on. Harry smiles a cheeky a grin at Casey. Both Casey and Landon laugh and run to hide behind me. "They are twins. Casey is the blonde one with brown eyes. He loves tacos and Finding Nemo. Also wearing only underwear as you can tell." Harry smiles at this "He is also very stubborn and sassy." Louis laughs and sizes Casey up. "Landon on the other hand is brunette with blue eyes and loves Toy Story and Nando's" Liam and Niall smile at Landon. "He is smart for a 3 year old and is very obedient."

"So, whose the father?" Zayn speaks up. He hasn't met my eyes the whole time. I frown.

"I don't know."

"Have you ever been curious?"

I ponder for a second and answer truthfully. "No. Im just happy I have them." I smile down at Landon and Casey. I stroke their heads. Without a warning all the guys turn towards the TV. Casey sits in Harry's lap and Landon was being fought over by Liam and Niall. I laugh and just watch. A hand touches my shoulder. I turn to see Zayn.

"Can I talk to you? In the Kitchen?" I nod and follow. I was curious what he had to talk to me about alone. Zayn leans against the island and looks at me. He looks like he cant decide how to say it. Whatever it is. 

"Just tell me already. I know you have to tell me something." I stare into his beautiful eyes. They were like Casey. A milk chocolate color but more hazel.

"I have a girlfriend. I didn't mean to kiss you. It just happened. It means nothing." He started to babble and I tuned out. He had a girlfriend. Why didn't I see this coming? I knew what happened at the bar was fake. The song meant nothing. The kiss meant nothing. meant nothing.

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