Who's that Boy

Bailie or Bayer and her friend Ash are on their way to becoming singers. Along the way they meet One Direction and are bathed in even more fame than they could imagine. Suddenly everything gets out of hands and will Bayer and Ash still want to be singers?


1. Who's that Boy

I was sweating like crazy when the security guard checked my ID. It's fake so of course I was nervous. According to it I'm 20 and am from Manchester…yeah I'm not. I'm born and raised in Texas but I speak like a proper Englishman. Which really works since I've been in London with my best-friend Ash for 5 years. We're on our way to being super stars. But the one thing that I hate most about it is, people make fun of Ash. See Ash is gay… and people make fun of her. So to help solve our problem we are clubbing in London. Not the best move but our pain in the ass manager thinks it is. So here I am. In a club in London filled with tons of famous people I don't know. Fun. Yeah not really.  I stumbled through the doors. It's very hard to walk in 4 inch platform heels. Ash breezed by like she was walking barefoot. I gaped at her silently asking "how?" but she just shrugged and dragged me to the dance floor. She immediately adjusted to the beat and swayed her hips, raising her arms above her head. I stood awkwardly in my shoes and studied the faces around me. I recognized a few and pointed them out to Ash. She crinkles her face in disgust when I pointed at Justin Bieber. I laughed at Ash's face. My heart stopped when I met eyes with a beautiful boy. His face was stunning. His eyes were full of mystery. He was well perfect. Ash elbowed me and hissed at me not to stare. I got a great idea.  " Ash I got an idea. Let go on stage and sing. " I yelled to be heard over the music. I silently prayed that she would agree.  " What song. " " You know what song!" " Ok Bayer."  We walked up to the DJ and told him we wanted to sing. He looked at us funny but let us. I headed him my iPhone and choose the right song to play. He waved us off towards the stage where someone handed us microphones. I could see the face of the person but I thanked them anyway. My palms started sweating and bombs went off in my stomach. Why was I doing this? I managed to stride carefully on the stage and get ready to address the crowd like I normally did.  The DJ signaled for everyone to be quieted and pointed at me and the calm and collected Ash. The room fell silent and I immediately got really nervous. I plastered a smile in my lips and started to talk. " Hello! My name is Bailie but most people call me Bayer. This is my friend Ash and we are going to be singing a song by the best artist I know. Demi Lovata!" I nodded at the DJ. He started the music and sat back to see how we will do. I could fell the familiar beat through the floor. Ash started singing with her strong and alluring voice.  " I wanna get you by yourself yeah have you to myself. I don't need nobody else. Don't want nobody else. He's special I know. He's smile it glows. He perfect it shows. Let's go." Ash finished her part and took a breath at the same time as me. I picture my room and all the times I stood in front of the mirror and sang.  "I've been staring at ya. And I could do it all night. Your looking like an angel. With that kind of body needs a spotlight.  Ain't nobody know your name. Lookin like you do could be famous. I can see us making waves from the back of the cloud to a bed in the shade now. " I sang like my teacher taught me.  I looked right at the boy I noticed early. I sang stronger with every note. Forgetting my nervousness.  I danced around making my short sparkly skirt shimmer. Ash started to sing her arcing part while I continued dancing.  I had fun with the crowd pointing at some attractive guys here and there. But when it came to the slowish part I pointed right at the gorgeous guy. I pushed my brown hair out of my face and pointed at him then the stage. Everyone turned back to look at him. Shocked he  walked to the stage with a little push from 4 other boys he was with. I smiled as he walked up.  " Everybody in club turn around sayin who's that who's that beautiful boy with them big brown eyes tell me who's that who's that. "  He was in the stage when I finish my lines and Ash started singing. I messed around with him.  I was about to sing again but he got me off guard and started singing instead. He had an incredible voice. I instantly liked him more. I started singing with him and by the time we finished, I was staring into his eyes. The crowd applauded and went crazy. They wanted another song. The boy, whose name I still didn't know, raises the mic to his lips and and tell the DJ to put on the song. He didn't say the song but the DJ knew what he meant. Suddenly the 4 other boys came up to the stage. A techno beat filled the room. The boy leaned over and whispered in my ear.    " Zayn. My name is Zayn. " I looked up to him and smiled. One of the boys started singing the song. I looked from the short haired boy to the blonde to the curly headed to the one on stripes them to Zayn. They were so familiar. Then it popped in my head. Their One Direction. And I knew this song. It was Everything About You from their album Up All Night. I'm not their biggest fan but I knew all their songs by heart. Zayn seemed to read my mind because he looked at me. He nodded his head, encouraging me to sing. I took a deep breath.  " Guess I like the way you smile with your eyes other girls see it but don't realize that it's by my lovin there's something bout your laugh that makes me want to have too there's nothing funny so we laugh at n-n-nothing. "  The song soon ended and I thanked the boys and the generous crowd and quietly walked off. Somehow I had lost Ash after our song. I looked around the room and found her at the bar. I quickly walked over hoping she didn't drink anything strong. When I got closer I could see that she was in fact drunk.  " Come on Ash I think you have had enough. " I managed to sling her arm over my shoulder. She is taller than me so it was pretty hard to do. I heard the British voice speak behind me.  " Hey can I help?" He didn't wait to see what I said but instead took Ash in his arms like a bride. A flare of jealousy hit me in the chest. I Bailie Renee Carter, was jealous of my drunken best-friend. Wow just wow. I swallowed my jealousy and thanked him. Zayn ended up carrying Ash outside and into his limo. Careful laying the past out drunk in one seat, he motioned for me to come on.  " I'm not letting you go home alone with her in that state." he nodded towards Ash. I laughed and rolled my eyes. I sat next to him very awkwardly  might I add. I told him where we were staying and fell silent. I was fully aware that he was sliding towards me. Pretty sure it was on purpose, I "accidentally" fell into his arms. I blushed. What was wrong with me? Suddenly I felt warm lips on mine. Startled I pulled back. Zayn looked hurt. Well crap I didn't mean to do that. I had a crazy urge to kiss him again.  " Um… I'm sorry… bout that…" he was blushing the color of a rose. I let my urge take over and I smashed my lips to his. This time he was the startled one. After a few moments our lips were moving in sync. I gripped his collar wanting more. I'm never like this. I frowned and he saw it. I felt ashamed, here I was making out with a guy I just meet with my past out drunk friend in the same car. My mother would be ashamed. My cheeks colored as Zayn lightly brushed his hand across my cheek. I was about to say something when the car came to a halt and I fell backwards off Zayns lap. Then he fell on me. I groaned so loud Ash woke up.  " The chicken is in the gravy. I repeat the chicken is in the gravy. " I looked at Zayn and we both started laughing. He got off me and opened the door much to my relief. We both dragged the now awake Ash up to the elevator. I let Zayn take over with Ash and pushed the 4 floor. Ash and I shared a flat in London on the very top of the most expensive place there. Being from a rich family really helps. I waited impatiently for the short time I was in there. I don't do well in small places. I would normally take the stairs but Zayn is present. Plus I don't want to make him feel like I don't like him. But do I? The doors opened snapping me out of my thoughts. We half dragged half carried Ash to the door. I forgot my key in the room again. I mentally slapped myself. I reached for the extra key right above the door. My fingers touched cold metal. I pulled out the key and unlocked the door. Ash managed to walk to the couch before collapsing. I rolled my eyes at the sleeping form.  " Well I better go…" man that boy was awkward.  " Hey stay as long as you want to. " I wished he would stay for awhile. He leaned into me and kiss me one last time. A short and sweet kiss. Breaking the kiss, he took my phone out of his pocket and programmed his number in one swift moment. I forgot I even misplaced my phone.  " You left it at the club so I got it for you. " he smiled in a totally adorable way. Man he is beautiful. And with that he handed me my phone and said thank you. What? Did I say that out loud? I blushed and took my phone from his out reached hand. He walked towards the door mumbling goodbye and I'll text you and walked out the door shutting it. What just happened?

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