i have two choices

you and liam are dating but something happens with another band member. but you dont know who to pick!


2. Harry i just dont know

"harry, im sorry but, i love liam and that will never change" you said to him as he looked down at the ground. "Y/N its been 2 1/2 years but i can fix things" he tried to tell you "exactly its been 2 1/2 years you need to move on, i have" you said in a calm and hushed voice. Liam walked over to you to see if you were ok."hey babe breakfast is ready" he said smiling from ear to ear."ok thanks babe" you said kissing him on the cheek."harry see i love him and he loves me. its been a while since we just talked tomorrow we can ok?" you asked "ok whatever you want love" harry said as you walked away to go sit with liam. he had mad a big breakfast for you and him. there was everything u could think of for breakfast."thanks liam i really appreciate it" you said sitting down next to him. "what were you and Harry talking about back there. he asked with a mouth filled with food. "nothing we just havent talked in a while" you said taking a plate.

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