The Summer I'll never forget

It was the first day of summer break, and I had just graduated twelfth grade. I went to stay with my cousins for the summer, and met the guy I had loved since I was ten. He was staying with his uncle for the summer, which is good for me because he told me he hadn't stopped thinking about me since he moved a year ago. We were in love, and for that summer we had each other.


3. A day of fun

The next morning I'm woken up by a ringing phone on my bed side table. It's around six in the morning and I see the name of who is calling. Dylan. "Hello," I say as I answer my phone. "Hey, I was wondering if you want to have breakfast out on the beach?" Dylan asked. " Sure, I'll meet you down there in ten minutes," I say looking out the window. " Okay, see you in a few," Dylan says," bye." "Bye..." I say hanging up. I jump up and start to get ready. I put on a pair of faded blue jeans, a blue tank top, and my heart necklace from Dylan. I walk out the door, not bothering to put on shoes, and go down to the beach. I see Dylan looking out over the horizon, and I also see he has plates and food set up on a blanket. I walk up behind him and give him a kiss on the cheek. He smiles and says," Good morning, I hope I didn't make you get out of bed too early." I reply with a grin," It's never too early to see you." I sit down and look to see what there is on the plates; a waffle with a slice of butter and syrup on it, a piece of cinnamon toast, and pieces of banana cut into bite size pieces. " Did you make all this?" I ask. " Yeah, my mom taught me how to make breakfast and a few other dishes," Dylan replies. " Well, it looks delicious, and I love that you would make this for me," I say sweetly. We begin to eat our food as Skylar comes out and yells," What are y'all doing?! Why are you up so early?" Dylan yells back," We're eating breakfast, and we're up early because we wanted to watch the sunrise!" I smile and say to Dylan," I bet we were just as annoying as she is right now." He replies with a laugh," I bet we were worse."

After we eat, I help take the plates to Dylan's uncle's, and I see Jason had just woken up and was so hungover he could barely walk. I just laughed and walked back to the house. " Can I take Skylar and Austin to play mini golf and ride go carts today around eleven?" I ask Shana, Skylar's mom. " Sure, do they need any money?" Shana asked. I replied," Yes, about ten dollars each, that's enough for snacks and the arcade." I go to my room after she hands me twenty dollars, and start to get ready. I put on a aqua blue tank top, a grey and white striped simi-see through racer back, and blue jean shorts. I look at the clock and see it's ten twenty three, so I go tell Skylar and Austin to get ready to go. I finish getting ready by putting my hair in a Dutch braid going from the top right section above my eyebrow, around my head at a slight downward angle, to the left of my head just below my ear, and then I continue braiding it like normal until I get to the end. I put a little foundation on my face, and go see if Skylar and Austin are ready. They are, so I get about fourty dollars from my purse, and also I get their twenty dollars. I put on my flip flops and walk out the door behind them. We climb in Dylan's truck and go to the mini golf place down the street. We get out of the truck and go inside when we get there. We have to pay for two nineteen year old and two fourteen year olds, which costs twenty dollars. We get our clubs and one golf ball each, and walk out onto the course. Skylar goes first on hole #1 and gets a hole in four. I go next and get a hole in two, which is par. Then, Austin goes and gets a hole in five. Finally, Dylan gets to go and he gets a hole in two also. On the next three holes I get all hole in twos, Dylan gets a hole in one and the rest hole in two, Skylar gets a hole in two and the rest hole in three, and Austin gets all hole in fours. The rest of the game I got three hole in ones and three hole in twos, Dylan got two hole in ones and four hole in twos, Skylar got two hole in fours, a hole in one, and three hole in twos, Austin got a hole in one, three holes in four, and two holes in three. At the end of the game me and Dylan tie. After that we go to the arcade, where we all spend five dollars. I played the basketball game the whole time and got one thousand and five hundred tickets. Dylan played the football passing game and got a thousand tickets, and Skylar and Austin only won four hundred tickets each playing skee ball. We decided to combine our tickets, so we had a total of three thousand and three hundred tickets. We got a Tennessee basketball for two thousand tickets and two foam footballs for one thousand one hundred and fifty tickets each. We went back to the houses to go wash up because we were all going out for dinner. I put on a pair of shorts, my necklace Dylan gave me, a green tank top, and my Nike flipflops. We went to Long Horn Steak House and all of us got steak except for Skylar, she got chicken. We talked about the trip so far and about what has happened this year while we ate. After we were finished eating we went back to the house to go to bed. When everyone was asleep, me and Dylan snuck out onto the beach. We layed a blanket down to sit and talk. " Angelle, I was wondering if you wanted to go out to dinner again in a few days?" Dylan kinda asked. " Sure, maybe thr day after tomorrow. I have to take my cousins shopping," I replied. " Okay, that's great," Dylan said. We both layed down on the blanket next to each other. Then, Dylan put his arm around me and I put my head on his chest. We stayed there in silence just enjoying each other's presents. I remembered that I have to get up early to help with somethings around the house. I sat up and Dylan did too. " It's getting late, maybe we should go to bed," Dylan said. "Yeah, I have to help paint a few rooms in the gouse tomorrow," I agreed. We got up and walked to the houses together, and when we got to the steps we kissed. It was not like the ones before, this one we both knew was coming, but it was just like the others on the way I felt. My heart pounding, my arms around his neck lightly, and the same passion. After that, I walked up the steps, into my room, and went to bed.
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