Adopted (a one direction fanfiction)

A girl named June has a rough life...When the 1D boys roll into her town what is she in for news? yes she is one of the boys sister will she fall for him? or one of the other boys? Or paul?


2. Saving me

                                      Junes point of view*.I woke up at                                                                 Last night i packed my things  i woke up at 5.and looked out my window and saw the 1D bus outside the window.And saw harry staring at me he waved me to come down. I picked up my things and carried them downstairs. I walked out and Said "what?" "i saw what your dad did.May i save you" THen it began to rain i said "Yes you may mister Styles let me go get the rest of my things" I walked up sairs got my things i was happy to leave i grabbed my keys and closed the door and left.Never looking back again. I put my stuff in my   Truck. And said "i need to drive myself" He said "may i come along" "sure come on" we got into my truck and started it "let me call paul" "OK" i said hey  paul uh  drive the way uh did you order one new room "yes i heard on the other line ok uh thanks paul bye. "ok now thats settled just follow the tour bus" "ok" i said "Whats you name love?" "June" i said "thats pretty you probable now my name haha" he said with a smile "yes harry who wouldent?" "if i may ask what all has he done to you?"  he asked "uh this might take a wile Im adopted ever since i was a baby and hes beatin me since i was a baby....and when i got old enough to understand things . he beats my mom. im glad to leave when i was 10 he broke my arm.." i said "why do they make you play bball" "i honestly dont know..But through everything sinse 2 yrs ago on the x factor i watched you guys well when they let me watch TV and then you became a band YOU got me throught this"i said then i saw a tear in his eye "umm ive know you for like 10 munetes and i feel like your my sister i will always be here for you.." he said "thanks harry very much love you brother im going to call you that brother" i said

                                     (quick not sorry bout not capitalizing lol but ill try to start i just am into what im writing)


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