Adopted (a one direction fanfiction)

A girl named June has a rough life...When the 1D boys roll into her town what is she in for news? yes she is one of the boys sister will she fall for him? or one of the other boys? Or paul?


18. Regrets and Mistakes

                            Authers note so they are already in holmes chapple and are at harrys summer home :D we love you all!! for reading thanks

                                             *Junes Point of view*                                                                                   I cant believe i met my parents..They are so nice to me...and they regret letting me go...

                                              *Nialls point of view*                                                                                        I saw her parents..regret letting her go made me mad..and i regret getting mad at her im going on a walk..Until i found a trail so i decided Ill follow it..And i found myself at a waterfall..Then my phone rang Junes ringtone but rejected it...beacuse i remembered what happened..yes it hurt to reject the call..So then i though i give her an other chance and invite the boys over my have lunch there..So i walked back to the house to Harry and the boys to tell them..

                                              *Junes pov*

I was Just about to make lunch..but Louis and the boys kept messing around and throwing food...But then Niall came in...I was mad he kept ignoring my calls.."Niall? Could i talk to you please?" We walked to the Living area "What babe?" "im sorry Niall we are moving to fast.." i saw his face drop "i just need time we just are boyfriend and girlfriend i just cant be engadged im sorry babe.."  "its ok" he said then i handed him the ring..we went back to the kitchen.."ok boys want to go eat at this place i found?" "Sure" Liam said..Then we went on this long trail..An Niall and me and all the boys ate a picknik "Niall its buetiful" "Just like you" he whisperd we all ate and its about 1 now "Lets swimm!!" Louis exclaimed and pushed me in "LOUIS!!" i yelled "Im going to go to the restroom" niall said.. then we swam around and Then i jumped in! and hit my head and started to dround..."She is drounding" Liam yelled  Zayn Jumped in He grabed me and put me on the ground And started giving me mouth to mouth..........

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