Adopted (a one direction fanfiction)

A girl named June has a rough life...When the 1D boys roll into her town what is she in for news? yes she is one of the boys sister will she fall for him? or one of the other boys? Or paul?


6. Promise Rings <3

                                                    Junes point of view*

He bought me those shoes <3 i love him alot. we were walking and he was holding my hand. "Hey Ni what would the promise be bec-" i cute of Louis " CARROT PRINCESS" really loud "WHAT LOU LOU?" He was running to us he caught up and caught his breath. "ware are we going?" he asked "To the Jewlary store" i said "Your marring her????" "No lou" Niall said "they are getting promise rings" said Liam "Oh.." We walked into the Jewlary store and my phone rang it was my dad but it had been two days......Then i heard my name poparazzie hat been folling us. I answered "WHAT?" "come home" "why should i?" "did harry tell you?" Yes and hold on" i covered the phone up with my hand and "ni is this your guys last concert?" "yes babe" "ok" i got back on the phone "Bye father!!!!" i hung up "sorry bout that ni" "Its fine hun" "ok i like these and we can ingrave things in them i want to put Nialls princess in it with black and on my what to you want on mine?" he asked "uhh" i thought for a minute " I love June? is that ok ?" "perfect i have to use the restroom" i said "ok hun"                            

                                                          *Nialls point of view                                                                                  OK perfect time im going to grabe a necklace with a heart charm and put Nialls princess on it and tell them to ingrave it first "PLease ingrave this first Nialls Princess ok?" "lou go stall her and like show her the other stores ok" "Alright ni" "Hey june" i heard him say "Lets go to a different store beacause it will take a wile " "ni is it ok?" "ya wait here is eh 500 is that fine?" "no ni not enough" she said with playful look on her face " "love you be carful" "ok dad " i lauhghed  they were gone it took about an hour to ingrave all of it "here you are sir" then i payed and said "thanks then i saw lou and June comming up with no bags "ohhh let me see" she yelled "not til our date tonight " "ok ni:" 

                                         Louis point of view

Liam had left by now and i was alone with a couple with out my eli "Hey louis when will i see Eli?" she asked "well now" i said as she was walking up "hey babe"June nialls princess" "i see ni has found his princess "yes yes he has" "and i know your eli" "ahh a directioner" "yup" "anyways uh i want starbucks well meet you back at the hotel" i said  We walked to starbucks "she lookes like harry" she said "ya shes harrys sister she was adopted" "long story" "well she is nice its good to have another girl on the road again.." "ya you can come to Doncaster is you want we are all going home tommarow after the morning concert!" "of course babe!"

                                           Nialls point of wiew*

   "Lets go to the hotel babe its 7 ok?" "ok babe heres you money!" "no keep it honey" "ok" as we walked she got cold i gave here my jack willis hoodie "babe we forgot matching outfits we will get some in irland" "we are going home tomaroww right after the morning concert ojk?" "alright"



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