Adopted (a one direction fanfiction)

A girl named June has a rough life...When the 1D boys roll into her town what is she in for news? yes she is one of the boys sister will she fall for him? or one of the other boys? Or paul?


4. Morning


                                              *Nialls Point of view                                                                                   I woke up and saw June asleep "goodmorning princesss" i wisperd into her ear she woke up "are we a thing" she asked "only if you want to be i feel like i know you" " i know you and i told you everything and i dont even like bball yes i want to be a thing" she said "good babe" I kissed her on the head the she raised up and her lips met was a three second kiss.."i call first shower" she yelled! "ughh" "Get used to it babe" she kissed me on the cheek and went to her suitcase and pulled out 2 outfits and said witch one? there was a green shirt with ruffels and black skinny jeans and shorts and a pink ruffeled shirt "green shirt and black skinny jeans" i said as getting up to call room servase "our first concert is tommarow" "ok babe" she said as running to the shower then i hears the showr running and her yelp like she was happy they the door oped and harry walked in "Hi harry" "wheres my sis" "in the shower" then she began to sing up all night "shes got a voice harry" i said  "oh and paul said any of you can date her i dont mind as long as you dont brake her heart " "goood because we are already dateing she told me everything" 

                                            *Junes point of view* 

I got out of the shower and saw harry inside the room "Hey bro" i said  "hey sis" he said  "does harry know niall?" i said "yes and hes ok with it and paul too" he said i smiled and gave them both a hug and started blow drying my hair whe harry walked out and louis walked in "Hey carrot princes" he said i turned off my blow dryer "Hey...uh Carrot prince" Niall laughed "im going to take a shower babe" "ok" i said "so lou" "uh im borred" said Louis then ran out of the room i heard the water turn off and i began to straighted my hair. "dangit" i heard niall yell "you for got your cloths " i said "just come out with a towel on i dont mind" "ok" he said He walked out and i got up and kissed him on the cheek "niall" i said "yes" "i want your shoes!" i said "ok what size do you were?" "uh 10" "babe i ware 11 i have a pair of tens you want them?" "sure babe" "ni i am going to call you ni" "ok" 



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