Adopted (a one direction fanfiction)

A girl named June has a rough life...When the 1D boys roll into her town what is she in for news? yes she is one of the boys sister will she fall for him? or one of the other boys? Or paul?


3. Hotel time

                                      *Harrys point of view*

As we pulled up to the hotel we got out by the time it was not raining "here" she said

"oh ok"i said  We ran inside We got inside "This is your room key"he said "Thanls" she said "woah!" she said "what love?" Niall said "uh a pent house!" "ya love"Niall said "you and niall are sharing a room"Paul said to June "okay" i could se the ameadiate conection "Harry she looks just like you her brown hair and her eyes are just like your" Said liam "woaah" Said June and i "hey harry can i talk to you before i go to my room?" "ya love" i said "what" i said "im adopted and i look like you.." she said "i know and you really are my sister my mom told me she had to give you up cause money and i didnt want to tell you...but she gave me your adress thats why we showed up..." i said "oh my gosh" she said and gave me a hug "is that why you followed me on twitter haha?" "ya sis duh"


                        *Junes point of view*

 im harry styles sister! "so i am know as June Styles"i say "basacly" "do the boys know??" "yea all of em" "bye bro" i said "bye sis" Niall was waiting for me outside the elevator i grabbed mt bags and went into the elevator with him "did harry tell you" he said "yes" i said with a smile "good" he said "your like a girl harry...but please tell me you dont get naked alll the time" "No" i said with a laugh   Nialls amazing his blue hair his irish accent his blue eyes *ding* the elevator opend "here" Niall said  We walked to our room and there was only one bed."uh ok ill sleep on the couch" said niall "no im the one to tag along im sleeping on the couch" i said "No " "yes" "fine" niall said we set our bags down and sat on the couch "May i ask why does your father beat you" he said putting " bye father in the air. "wel ever since i was.." i told him the whole story and he was sad his face droped i saw a tear but he quickly wiped it "im tired night Niall" it was 9:00 "me too" said Niall ..I woke up from a nightmare and ran to the bed "Niall can i sleep with you" "ya why babe" i smiled at babe "uh lovew i ment love" "i had a bad nightmare" i said i got under the covers and notived his shirt off and i started cuddling with him he cuddle back "i ment babe" he wisperd in my ear "i love you Niall" seamed to slip out of my mouth there was a silence and looked up "i think i foung my princess" he said then i drifed off and fell asleep.

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