Adopted (a one direction fanfiction)

A girl named June has a rough life...When the 1D boys roll into her town what is she in for news? yes she is one of the boys sister will she fall for him? or one of the other boys? Or paul?


17. Going Home......

                                              *Junes Point of View*                                                                                            I woke up at  6 am.....I took a very long Showwer an got ready..It was about 7 when i was done..So i decided to wake up the boys.I woke up Niall...But he wouldnt get up..So i went to get a cup of water with ice cubes in it..Then i splashed on his face..He screamed "AHHHHHH" "What was that for?" He asked half asleep still.."THE TITANIC IS SINKING" i yelled then ran to the bathroom to get more ice cold water.....then splashed it on his face again "Gosh June!!!" he yelled "Get up its seven 15 and i still have to wake the other boys up!!!" i screamed. Then i walked in to Harry and Louis room.....Then started shaking Harry..."GET UP!!!!" i scremed directly into Harrys ear! Then i went to wake up Louis and screamed "HELP ELIS IN TROUBLE" Then he woke up saying "Have no fear superman is here" then Screamed at the top of his lungs "SUPPPEERRRMAAAANNN" Then Liam and Zayn with his hair all messed "Zayn go look in a mirror and get ready" i said.Then i heard a screech from the bathroom. Then they were all getting ready..So i walke dinto the Kitchen and started makeing breckfast.I got done with the scrambled eggs and bacon and i heard stomping comming down the stairs..and they yelled "yummmmm"..Then they all grabbed a plate and started eating...Then Niall Broke the silence and said "yum babee" Then i said "you guys should get your luggage and bring them down her so when paul getts here we will be ready" Then i heard the elevator ding "HURRY BOYS" i yelled Then we walked  down stairs...and got into the elavator...When we got to the Lobby it was full of Poparazzi..."Are you and niall really engaded?" one of them yelled i tried and hurried out there and tripped over someones foot and accedently pulle dnialls pants down..infront of the pops.And then Harry  and the rest  of the boys did the same! i felt so bad "Niall im so sorry" i said Then that was when niall snapped "You pulled my pants downinfront of Poparazzi this will be all overMagazines"  he said "But Niall.." i said...then he snapped back "dont want to hear it.."  THen HArry chimmed in and said "Dont talk to her like that,," Then i said "Dont worry about it harry letitgo" then Harry said "Im not going to let this go.." "Let it go bro.." i said  Then i relized i hurt my knee really bad,..Then i ran to the LImo to get a better look at it..Then i relized it was baddly sprained....then harry walked up to the limo and said "are you ok?" and then i said "its badly sprained"..



Authers Note I am now writing this with y BFF Karla Calleja And i give credit she is awesome at making things up soooooooooo she willl be helping me through out the rest of the book thanks for faving and likeing this bookkk love you alll from you autherssss - KArla and Cady xx

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